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They published their products in faceable and customer can order through sending message or phonically or else vaults the store.Is hassle for the customer to go their store especially if their house Is far from the store.It is not convenient to the customer to talk in phone to ask about the products and also it makes hassle to the owner to explain the product one by one.

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Imagine how many customer will call in one day to ask about the product so it’s really makes hassle. The company need computerizing system in order to manage their time and also customer can read/view the product so they don’t need to make a call to ask the owner to explain the product one by one.

It also a big benefits to the store to Increase he sales. Through Online Ordering System it can minimize the time for the customer and the owner. Let organized and meet the needs of customers more efficiency and reliable. Customer can order anytime they want. Statement of the Problem The problem was lacking of online website system. The Barbara Pearl has no specific software that help customer In ordering through online _ The Barbara Pearl manage their business manually especially in taking customers order. More hassle to the customer to order especially if they are far from the store.

Objectives of the Study To Increase speed of service, sales volume and customers satisfaction To enable customers to know the all beauty products of Barbara Pearl before ordering To increase level of accuracy To be able to stand out from competitors by automating daily operations which will give the beauty product providers the opportunity to increase sales To reduce time wasting by eliminating long queues To develop orders for faster and reliable transaction and process Significance of the Study This project is designed to provide an easy access of customers in getting their orders.

The researchers will create an online Ordering system for Barbara Pearl Cosmetics that will help the company to increase more customers and make the procedure of ordering much easier. Scope and limitation of the Study Cosmetics since they are still using a manual system in their transactions, payments and even in generating reports. As for the Members, the system will provide an area wherein they can view and manage their orders. They can also request for tracking status provided that they purchased an item. Unlike the members, the guest can only browse the website but no transactions can be held unless they would register.

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