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Proper Role of Government

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Describe the government and domestic environment of the country where your company is headquartered, then describe the international environment. Outline what organizations you may be associated with. (Example; WTO, OPEC, etc. ) Examine the 1st country of International growth you outlined in your 10 year vision. Why did you strategically select that country? In what ways will your company contribute to the foreign country’s economic development? Are there any political concerns associated with expansion into this country? Why or why not? How do you plan to develop a good working relationship with the foreign country?

Put together a SWOT analysis for your company. (This is considered an exhibit) Put together a PEST Analysis (exhibit) for the country you identified as the country into which your initial global expansion will take place. While maintaining its relationship with the United States, Japan has diversified and expanded ties with other nations. Having good relations with its neighbors can be a vital interest. Japan extended significant economic assistance to the Chinese in various modernization projects and supported Chinese membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). AIG” Japan contains in depth information and data about the company and its operations. The company contains an overview, business description, financial ratios, SWOT analysis, key competitors, key facts, key employees, locations and branches as well as information on products and services. The SWOT analysis the company profile can be crucial for the industry executives and anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the company’s business. So, the SWOT Analysis utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources.

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Proper Role of Government

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As learned from reading the chapters and from the PowerPoint slides, SWOT is an abbreviation for the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of a firm and the environmental Opportunities and Treats facing that firm. SWOT analysis is a widely used technique through which managers create a quick overview of a company’s strategic situation. The technique is based on the traditions that an effective strategy derives from a sound “fit” between a firm’s internal resources (strengths and weaknesses) and its external situation (opportunities and treats). A good fit maximizes a firm’s strengths and opportunities and minimizes its weaknesses and threats.

Accurately applied, this simple assumption has powerful implications for the design of successful strategy. AIG (American International Group) is one of the world’s leading insurance and financial services organizations, with operations in more than 130 countries. With a market capitalization of like $200 billion, AIG is like in the top ten most company in the world. AIG’s subsidiaries are leading providers of retirement services, financial services and asset management around the world. The group was the second largest insurance group in the world after China Life Insurance.

SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Location| Types of Factor| | Favorable| Unfavorable| Internal| Strength * Global leading provider of financial services * Expanding global reach * Diversified product portfolio and new product development * Corporate advertising and brand building sponsorships| Weaknesses * US residential mortgage market exposure * History of regulatory investigations * Declining cost efficiencies | External | Opportunities * Acquisitions * Growth in asset management industry| Threats * US recession and volatility in financial markets * Industry consolidation|

Japan has faced a number of external challenges over the long term, most of which relate to the rising importance of China and the associated threat to Japan's pre-eminent political and economic position in the Asia region. The country's long-term outlook is also strongly influenced by its demographics. Current trends indicate that the rate of decline in the working-age population will outpace that in the population as a whole. On the positive side, in 2021-30 Japan will see an increase in its rate of GDP growth per head to 1. 7% a year, from around 1% a year in the first two decades of the century.

Productivity growth will also accelerate in the latter part of the long-term forecast period. The environment has some current issues with the air pollution from power plant emissions results in acid rain; acidification of lakes and reservoirs degrading water quality and threatening aquatic life. Japan is one of the largest consumers of fish and tropical timber. | 2012-20| 2021-30| 2012-30| Growth and productivity (% change; annual av)| Growth of real GDP per head| 1. 5| 1. 7| 1. 6| Growth of real GDP| 1. 0| 1. 0| 1. 0| Labour productivity growth| 1. 9| 1. 8| 1. 8|

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