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For there to be a computerized business operation, the business must be look upon in a new way of existence. Not only being concerned with customers, prices output and so forth one should also consider the fact that data forms, information flows procedures etc. It is momentous on the basic that computers are used as a co- existing element to information system. This application is effective and productive because it enhance to process more better information system. (Automated) On this work, we shall basically look upon the possibility of making the outline orderly model of designing effect change.

The process of changing system is systematic such that it is a repetition process. It is a fact to say that every system has what is called life cycle especially information system. By reviewing and modifying them, we say, It is a system development cycle. The routine is always cyclical. It is on the system development that the familiar input processing output-feedback pattern of all system. The system development contains the output which consists of various organization information systems. The feedbacks components help evaluate the effectiveness of the systems terms of changing requirements.

System analysis System design System implementation. None of these parts can be considered apart from the other two. To be courtesy, I would say that the activities involved in system development is interlinked set.The rate of accepting different sources of receipt by the topic of this project paper into an organization, keeping track of the files can at any operates the organization and client's financial report. Cash receipt system of Arroba Stores LTD.

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Is to keep records of all receipts of purchase and sales made. By so doing, they keep information concerning each transaction such as the name of client, address, data of transaction, description of goods. Quantity of goods, model number of the goods, the amount of the goods. Inside this record the company can the know the financial reports of both the client and the organization itself. This project is basically restricted to Arroba Stores LTD, as a case study for the project paper. Looking Arroba stores, the cash receipts system is restricted only to the. 1.

Purchase receipts and/or invoice 2. Sales receipts and/or invoice Other organization may run a different receipts system. At this project paper we shall base only on sales and purchases. Out of this interview with the accountant and sales manager of Urban stores LTD, I discovered that the organization do not keep any record on credits when purchases are made. Therefore the term paper nullifies the idea of computing credit in the purchase. It will be right to say that Arroba stores do not go into purchasing on credit to avoid keeping much records that most often conflict matters.

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