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Professional Values and Ethics Paper

Professional Values and Ethics Paper Team A GEN200 October 25, 2010 Marie Gelpi Hammerschmidt Professional values and ethics can influence the way a person’s career can either succeed or fail.Depending upon the person’s personal core values determines how he or she will use those values in his or hers professional life.

If a person respects others in his or hers personal life, then that respect of others will most likely be carry over into the professional side of the person’s life.“Values are enduring beliefs, both hard-wired (i.

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e. acquired genetically) and shaped by cultural context, about preferred “end states” according to Urbany, Reynolds, and Phillips (2008). Values determine the decisions a person makes, whether to go to work or call in sick, or whether to put the money in the cashier’s drawer where it belongs or put it in his or hers pocket. All professional business decisions can influence a person’s career. If a person sees only his or hers decisions as affecting the here and now, then those decisions are normally made in haste and results only in solving the current problem and leading to possible failure.

If the person’s decisions take into consideration what the effects down the road will be, then the person will have more success in his or hers professional and personal lives.References: Urbany, J. , Reynolds, T. , and Phillips, J. (2008). How to Make Values Count in Everyday Decisions. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(4), 75-80.

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