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Crystal Hoge Professor Jennifer Mullins Eng. 101 Bi-Term Processing Essay 29 October 2012 Bringing Baking Back from the Old Days Today's society has become all about convience and how to get everything done cheaper and faster. However, my belief is that you should only take convience so far. Convience shouldn't be brought anywhere near the kitchen. My favorite baked item is that of old-fashioned bread. I don't mean that pre-packaged bread that you pick up from your local grocery store.

I'm talking about the kind of sweet smelling bread your grandma used to make on Sunday mornings before church. Included in this article are the ingredients and steps necessary to obtaining that delicious, sweet smelling homemade bread. The first step to baking is to aquire the desired recipe the recipe I will be following is the recipe for traditional white sandwich bread. (Yetter, Elizabeth) The required ingredients for this recipe for the recipe are as follows: * 1 ? cup room temperature milk * 1 Tbsp dry active yeast * ? tsp salt * 1 Tbsp softened butter 3 ? cups all purpose flour, or bread flour This recipe will only make one loaf and will take roughly three hours and fifteen minutes. This time includes baking and preparation time. Before starting your preparation, I highly recommend making sure you have all required ingredients, as well as any desired additional indregients. If you wish to have sweeter tasting white sandwich bread I recommend a tablespoon of honey. If you wish to make more than one loaf of bread, simply multiply the recipe. If you desire to make two loaves, double the recipe.

If three loaves is what you want, quadruple the recipe. Doing so, however, may elongate the period of time it takes to cook and prepare the bread. Preparation is the next key step in making a successful loaf of bread. First, you will need a large bowl in which you will mix milk and yeast, adding sugar, salt, and two cups of flour at a time to ensure it mixes well. As a test, make sure the dough follows your spoon around the bowl. Next, lightly flour your recently cleaned and dried counter top and knead the dough for four minutes.

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The process of kneading is basically pulling apart and massaging the dough into a ball. After kneading the dough until smooth, grease a medium sized bowl and place the dough into into bowl. Turn the dough over so that both sides of the dough are lightly greased then cover the dough for one hour and place in a warm, draft-free place, such as a microwave and let rise. After the dough has doubled in size remove it from the covered bowl. Then lightly flour a cutting board. After flouring your surface place the dough onto it and knead for four minutes or until all the bubbles are gone.

Once the bubbles are gone, shape the dough into a loaf and place into a greased bread pan. Then, once again cover the pan with a cloth and place back into the microwave and let rise for forty-five minutes. After the bread has doubled in size, uncover the pan and place into a preheated oven of 350 degrees. Cook the bread dough for approximately forty-five minutes. A way to test the bread to see if it’s done is to knock on the top of the bread. If it sounds hollow when you knock on it, it’s done.

Once you have verified that your bread is done, remove it from the oven and place it on a rack to cool. After your bread has cooled enough to touch, remove it from the bread pan and place on a cutting board. With a sharpened bread knife, cut the bread into even slices. Remember, your slices should be thick enough to hold a spread and a couple slices of sliced meat. However, it should also be thin enough to chew easily without straining your jaw. To ensure that your bread doesn’t get hard, store your bread in plastic storage bags.

Bread made with milk usually has a softer crust than breads made with water. However, in any recipe for milk, you can substitue milk with water or visa versa. Now that you have properly mixed, prepared, cooked, and stored your bread you should have a nicely browned, sweet smelling loaf of bread that Grandma used to make. Now simply dress your bread with your desired spread, meat, and vegtables, and enjoy! Works Citied Yetter, Elizabeth, White Sandwich Bread, About. com, 2012, Oct. 28, 2012

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