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Process Essay

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Jeana Hughes English 101 Process Essay Draft February 19, 2013 No Bake Cookies Peanutbutter Chocolate No Bake Cookies recipe is one of the most easiest recipe I have ever made. My reason for saying this is because there is no baking involved. The steps for making is really quite easy.

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I am going to first start out with a list of ingredients and supplies I use. ? Cup Milk 2 sticks butter 2 Cups sugar ? Cup cocoa ? tsp vanilla 3 Cups quick oats ? Cup peanutbutter 8 Qt pan, 2 sheets waxpaper, and two spoons

I start out going ahead and laying out waxpaper so that it is ready when the cookie dough is done. I then get my pan on the stove. I add the milk, sticks of butter, sugar and cocoa. Once I have added all the ingredients I turn the stove on high. I stir constantly until mixture comes to a boil. I then let it boil without stirring for 1 minute. Then I remove from heat. Thus will bring me to my second step. I will then add the vanilla, quick oats, and peanutbutter, stirring mixture well. I consider this my third step. I bring my pan with the cookie dough over to where I have my wax paper layed out.

I then use two teaspoons one for scooping and one for scraping off. I start getting teaspoonfuls of cookie dough and dropping it on wax paper. I continue doing this till all cookie dough is used. My final step is waiting. Usually if I have boiled the ingredients long enough the cookies will be ready in 30 minutes to an hour. I can tell this by pulling one of the cookies off the wax paper and it does not stick. I find this recipe to be very quick and easy. I hope if you attempt this recipe you will feel the same way.

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