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Principles of Marketing

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American International University of Bangladesh Subject: Principles Of Marketing Section: K Name and ID of the members of the group1. Islam Aminul 2. Islam Touhidul 3. Rahman Md Mostafizor 4. Shahnawaz Khan 5. Khalid Ibrahim Submitted To, Samira Nuzhat Lecturer AIUB Last date of submission: 19 April 2010.

2 09-14147-2 09-14139-2 09-14084-2 09-14134-2 08-11892-2 Date: 19 April 2010 Samira Nuzhat Course Instructor Principles of Marketing Subject: Submission of report.Dear Madam, It gives ours immense pleasure to submit a report on “Pran”. This report is submitted as a partial fulfillment as a part of our course. The preparation of the report has given ours and insightful experience and in-depth knowledge on “pran company” in Bangladesh. We have given our best effort to make it a worthy one and each aspect of the problem is considered and studied as required. If any confusion arises or further explanation is needed, we shall be available to explain the matter to you as and when required despite when required despite having limitations.Your benign and authoritative advice will encourage us to conduct further flawless research in future.

Yours sincerely, 1. Islam Aminul 2. Islam Touhidul 3. Rahman Md Mostafizor 4. Shahnawaz Khan 5. Khalid Ibrahim 09-14147-2 09-14139-2 09-14084-2 09-14134-2 08-11892-2 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT While preparing the report, We acknowledgement the encouragement and full guidance given by my course instructor . without his relentless support, it would have been impossible to conduct this study.

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We express my gratitude to our instructor for providing us detailed feedback and technical assistance on the report.Besides, a number of people and institutions are to be thanked. 4 TABLE OF CONTENT: SL NO 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 TABLE OF CONTENT CURRENT MERKETING POSITION PRODUCT REVIEW COMPETETIVE REVIEW DISTRIBUTION REVIEW SWOT ANALYSIS OBJECTIVES POSITION PRICING ACTION PLAN 5 Current Market Situation PRAN Group was born in 1980. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the Group they have over the years diversified their activities in several areas. PRAN's biggest asset is their competent team of hands-on managers and dedicated employees.PRAN is Bangladesh's largest grower and processor of fruits and vegetables. Their contract growers cultivate the choicest fruits and vegetables, which are processed in their modern and hygienic factories to highest quality & international standards.

Pran founded 28 years ago by many entrepreneurs with experience in the product market of Bangladesh. Different types of products increasingly popular today,forecasts suggest that annual sales of such products will grow at more than 49 percent for the next 3 years.Because our population is increasing day by day and products needed is also increasing. To gain market share in this environment, pran must carefully target specific segments with features that delivers benefits value by each customer group. 6 Product Review: Pran Puffed Rice (Muri) 500g Pran Spice Powder Coriander Pran Spice Powder Turmeric Pran Frooto Mango Juice 250ml Pran Hot Tomato Sauce 1L Pran Mixed Fruits Jam Pran Frooti Orange Juice 7 Pran Frooti Mango Juice Pran Chanachur 350g Pran White Vinegar *Pran up *Pran oil *Pran cola *Pran mango bar *Pran cocolate And so on… Competitive Review: The Emergence of new product, marked by Pran group, manufactures and carriers has pressured industry participants to continually add features and cut prices. Within a very short time Pran would start exporting to papur New Guinea, East Timor, Brunei, Mauritius Reunion, and Algeria, among other countries. At present it is exporting to 73 countries all over the world and it has been conferred the most prestigious export trophy for the last six consecutive years for its export activities.

Due to gradual development of the quantity of Pran products and because of better marketing and distribution initiatives, it is creating hype among other countries. Competition from specialized products for drinks such ac Acme, 7up, are major factors as well. Key competitons include: *Coca-cola: Coca cola is a famous brand. It is a high growth brand that is spread everywhere. Its taste is good. Its producing or making processing is very sharp. Everyone choose coca cola.

*Segan mango juice: Students and younger persons choose this one. Its taste is good like pure mango juice. Its price is less. It is also very famous to all. Firm fresh milk: Collected directly from their own Milk Collection Centers around the country from selected cows. Firm fresh milk is Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processed to maintain long life and retain all the qualities and richness of cows fresh milk. 9 *Radhuni: Radhuni pure mustard oil is manufactured from the finest grade of indigenous mustard seeds and purified in fully automated plant.

Mustard seeds is need to produce it. It is a famous brand. *MUM drinking water: Mum natural drinking water conforms to WHO and BSTI guidelines. It is rich in minerals, well balanced and ideal for people of all ages.It contains valuable minerals our body needs every day. This water is packed in pet bottle, which is approved by FDA USA for food packaging. Despite this strong competition, Pran can carve out a definite image and gain recognition among the targeted segments.

There are also many products that build their attraction to people. Cocolate, hot tomato sauce, ketchup, jam, jelly, borhani, orange juice, chanachur, rice, vinegar, biscuits, etc are very known to all. 10 Distribution Review: In this section marketers list the most important channels provide an overview of each channel arrangement and mention any new developments or trends.Pran products will be distributed trough a network of retailers in the top high sellable markets. Among the most important channel partners being contracted are: Firstly if the product is made, than it is shown in the wave page. This is like another countries. Its price like all information will include.

For in this countries sellable product means main packing product are divided into some group. Each group has five or six members and it has only one boss. The boss maintain all things. He or she then observe and declare that what place the products will go. It there is ack of product boss will searve. 11 SWOT Analysis of PRAN STRENGTH • • • • • • • • • • • • Large company Experience Greater sources of finance Greater control over sources of raw materials Risk-pooling Huge distribution network Weaknesses Disproportionate promotions strategy Control Lack of first-mover’s advantage In-house media planning and promotional activities Distance and transportation cost Perishable item OPPORTUNITY • • • • • • • • • Huge demand Overseas expansion Natural resources Cheap labor Ethnocentrism Government incentives Value Added Tax (VAT) Duty Drawback facility Cash IncentivesTHREATS • Price wars with competitors • Stricter health and technical standards • Reduced benefits • Competition 12 OBJECTIVES: Marketing Objectives: •Maintain positive steady growth each month. •Increase market penetration every quarter.

•Generate increased brand awareness quantified by reactions/feedback of customers at the trade shows. Financial Objectives: •Decrease customer acquisition costs by 1% a quarter. •Continue to decrease variable costs through efficiencies gained from experience. •Increase profit margins by 0. 5% per quarter. 13 Product positioning strategies:The product is a mango fruit juice, which we would like to position as a healthy alternative to carbonated beverages and other artificial sodas and drinks & foods. The mango juice will add variety to the diet for the people of UAE.

That is why we want to position Pran foods a fast moving consumer good in UAE. To huge Bangladeshi expatriates living in UAE, Pran will also serve a national symbol and be a source of pride. Though Pran’s quality is ISO 9001 certified it may have to increase its quality farther since it will have to compete against some of the world leaders in mango drink &foods manufacturers.Pricing strategy: We think that since there is a number of competing brands in the mango juice market, Pran should follow the market pricing strategy. The penetrative pricing policy should be used in Pran’s case because BANGLADESH is country with low per capita income ($ 1000) money is a factor to the consumers in BANGLADESH. Also the fact that there are a lot of high profiled brands, which are already quite competitively priced, makes penetration pricing less appropriate 14 15 16

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