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Prg 420 Week 2 Ind. Assign

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University of Phoenix Material File Processing Commands Worksheet • What UID and PID have the highest amount of physical memory a process has used and is not swapped out? Show all processes and full output. top - 20:12:57 up 4:14, 2 users, load average: 0. 00, 0. 00, 0. 00

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Prg 420 Week 2 Ind. Assign

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Tasks: 138 total, 1 running, 137 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie Cpu(s): 1. 7%us, 0. 7%sy, 0. 0%ni, 97. 7%id, 0. 0%wa, 0. 0%hi, 0. 0%si, 0. 0%st Mem: 499240k total, 303752k used, 195488k free, 25476k buffers Swap: 1015800k total, 0k used, 1015800k free, 134516k cached

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