Presidential Roles and Electoral College

Roles of the President
Commander in Chief
Chief of Party/Citizen
Chief of State
Chief Executive
Chief Administration
Chief Diplomat
Chief Legislature
Guardian of Economy
Formal qualifications to be president
Natural Born citizen
At least 35 years old
Resident of US for 14 years
Two methods that were debated before electoral college
Direct vote of people
Problem with Congress Method
Too much power under legislative thumbs
Problem with direct vote of people
leads to tumult and disorder, uninformed, uneducated
Who invented electoral college?
Alexander Hamilton
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Original electoral college
state chooses electors
what changed in 1804?
12th amendment was created (electors must vote for pres and vice pres separately)
When is election day?
November 8th
Is our vote indirect or direct and why?
Indirect, electoral college
How many electors re there and why this number?
538; 100 from senate, 435 from house + DC
Magic Number for candidate to win
What kind of system is the electoral college?
Winner takes all
When do electors actually cast their vote?
First Monday after second Wednesday in December
What happens of January 6th
Congress counts electoral votes
What is t called when an electoral doesn’t vote in favor for the state?
Faithless electors
What are the three major weaknesses of the electoral college?
Winner takes all
Third Party candidates
Election by the house
Why is the winner take all system bad?
You can barely win majority but get every vote from that state
Badness of 3rd parties
takes votes away from main candidate
Badness of election of the house
House picks in case of tie; Biased, unfair
3 ideas for reform
Instant runoff voting
Making voting a national holiday
publicly funded elections
What is instant runoff voting?
voters rank candidates in order of preference
what would happen if we made voting day a national holiday?
We would get more votes, be more informed
What would happen if we had publicly funded elections? (It’s a Good Thing)
We would get bribery out of politics
When does the president take office
January 20th
What happens after the inauguration
A big party, Ball
Commander and Chief
direct and immediate control of military
Chief of party/ citizen
leader of political party that controls executive branch, represent the people of the US for their interests and moral leadership
Chief of state
head of government, symbol of people
Chief Executive
power used at home on domestic issues and foreign affairs
Chief Administration
In charge of executive branch and federal gov
Chief Diplomat
main author of American foreign policy
Chief Legislature
Shapes public policy, working with congress
Roles of President Acronym