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President Candidates

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Michael Brandenburg F. Abraham Macroeconomics 23 October 2011 Six Republican Candidates Mitt Romney solution to our unemployment crises is to have people pay for unemployment insurance like the pay for heath or home insurance. Then the government can use their extra money to help create extra jobs. One of the things that Newt Gingrich wants to do is lower the corporation tax to make the United States more desirable. This will help companies that moved to China to come back to the USA. Michele Bachmann believes that when you take the minimum wage off it will create more jobs.

The competitive market will increase the minimum wage on its own while providing more jobs. Rick Perry claims that stimulus money should only be used occasionally not constantly. Another thing he plans on doing is cut taxes so companies can hire more employees. Ron Paul wants to strengthen the dollar value in such so the things we own and sell are worth more. Paul also informs us that when you decrease inflation it stabilizes the job market. Herman Cain says that people at or below the poverty line should not have to pay income tax.

Also he agrees to get rid of minimum wage to promote competition between businesses. Works Cited http://www. sodahead. com/united-states/romney-workers-should-pay-their-own-unemployment-benefits/question-1388133/ http://www. lsureveille. com/bachmann-s-repeal-of-minimum-wage-will-not-fix-economy-1. 2604388 http://offthekuff. com/wp/? p=18061 http://www. nolanchart. com/article4214-ron-paul-could-fix-the-dollar. html http://www. dailykos. com/story/2011/10/21/1028782/-Herman-Cains-fix-to-his-9-9-9-plan:-create-opportunity-zones-of-corporatederegulation

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