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Presentation: Criminal Justice and Corruption Free India

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1. India-Emerging as major Cyber Crime Centre

2. Medical tourism in India


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Educated Indians lack Patriotism

4. Has the parliamentary form of democracy failed in India?

5. Education- Is it solely government responsibility?

6. Examinations- has it killed education?

7. Invasion by MNC’s is a drain on the resources of India

8. Privatization will lead to less corruption

9. The government should enhance and ensure the quality of primary education

10. Politics and sports must stay apart

11. Bifurcation of states- will it lead to disintegration of India?

12. Nuclear Terrorism: A real threat

13. The influence of Affluence on today’s youth

14. Has India become a global success story?

15. Need for uniform system of education in India

16. Indian Hockey- can it rise like a phoenix from the ashes?

17. Crimes- a fall out of faulty education, unemployment or values?

18. Role of values in a globalized world

19. Power to the people is not a reality in our democracy

20. Biological warfare

21. Can strong values and ethics create a successful society?

22. Criminal justice system- A fact or farce in India?

23. Crime and punishment –Is there any correlation?

24. Success or failure-impact on young minds

25. NGOs-voices for the public good

26. What ails our Nation-terrorism or poverty?

27. Social networking sites-boon or bane?

28. Genetic modification –Is it ethical and safe?

29. Wikileaks

30. Organic food and India

31. China and its workforce

32. India at the cross-roads 64yrs after Independence

33. Role of media in shaping the destiny of India

34. Nature –our best teacher

35. Disaster planning and management

36. Nuclear power reactors and their safety

37. Changing gender Roles

38. Failed Dope tests-Failed sportsmanship

39. Scams have become the real shame of India

40. Godmen or conmen?

41. Lokpal bill Fiasco

42. AGRINDIA-A harbinger of resurrection / revitalization

43. Unitary education system versus infrastructure of government schools?

44. Can the erection of green buildings be realistic in developing countries?

45. Corruption free India- Can only be a dream!!!

46. Internet-the death of newspaper

47. The impact of climate change on Biodiversity

48. Migration-A burden on the economy

49. Music therapy

50. Black hole theory

51. Old drugs in new bottles-Realities, Reasons and Remedies

52. E-waste management

53. Indians abroad-victims of racism

54. Freebie culture – a blot on BPL psyche

55. Benefits of Reading

56. Social Issues in today’s society.

57. Negative Impacts of sciences.

58. Cloning.

59. Animal Rights.

60. Humanity is dying among people of the 21st century

61. God-Particle -A historic milestone in science

62. Is nuclear power worth the risk?

63. Justice has become injustice in people with money and power.

64. Inciting communal Passions-a threat to National internal security

65. God: Myth or reality

66. Emotional Quotient

67. Couch potato generation-who is responsible?

68. China: a Success story in Olympics

69. Series of Terror Attacks on India:Reasons

70. Save Tigers. Save Earth

71. Darwinism.

72. Role of Cinema in Social Awareness.

73. Aliens and UFO’s

74. Recycling.

75. Robotics:General Applications.

76. Environmental Pollution.

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