Powers of Congress

strict constructions
_____________ someone seeking to limit the powers of Congress to its expressed powers and only the most vital implied powers.
_____________ a legal proceeding for distributing to creditors the assets of those unable to pay their debts.
direct tax
_____________ a charge levied by the government, to be paid only by the person on whom it is imposed.
_____________ a grant for the exclusive rights to make, use, or sell new or improved inventions.
indirect tax
_____________ a charge levied by the government, first paid by one person, then passed on to another.
_____________ the exclusive legal right to copy, sell, or publish a piece of creative work.
liberal constructionist
A ______________ favors a broad interpretation of the Constitution, which would extend the powers of Congress.
legal tender
Some country doctors once accepted livestock as payment for medical bills, but most creditors toady demand to be paid in ______________.
indirect tax
A _______________ is a monetary sum first paid by one person and then passed on to another.
A court order for a person to appear in court or produce documents is known as a ________________.
The power to ______________ provides a way of bringing charges against the President for any high crimes and misdemeanors committed while in office.
deficit financing
The Federal Government has often relied on _______________ to pay for wars or social programs.
commerce power
The ________________ authorizes Congress to regulate all commercial interactions between the States.
Under the 25th Amendment, the President nominates a _________________.
Necessary and Proper Clause
The implied powers are based on the ______________, giving Congress the ability to carry out its expressed powers.
strict constructionist
A ________________ would argue for a narrow interpretation of the powers of Congress.
eminent domain
Inherent power of Congress to take private property for public use.
deficit financing
Spending more money than taken in and borrowing $ to make up the difference.
Formally concern.
People from another country become citizens of the U.S.
legal tender
Any type of money a creditor must by law accept for payment of debt.
income security
Which of the following expenditures was greater than the expenditure on health?
The government takes, but does not.
Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the cartoon?
the governments takes, but does not give.
What message is the cartoon trying to convey?
The graph shows that the Federal Government spent the least amount of family tax dollars on
the power to tax exports.
All the following expressed powers belong to Congress EXCEPT
States’ constitutions say Congress may do
The powers of Congress are affected by all of the following EXCEPT what the
is not limited by any government agency.
The level of the nation’s debt
The House of Representatives
According to the Constitution, who has the stole power to impeach the President?
Congress shares foreign relations power with the
Who has the power to purpose Constitutional amendments?
the power to tax
Which of the following powers could Congress use to help protect American car makers from foreign competition?
appoint a commander in chief.
All of the following war powers are granted to Congress EXCEPT the power to
commerce power to include all commercial interactions.
The Supreme Court ruling in Gibbons v. Ogden expanded the
strict construction of the Constitution.
Since 1789, the expansion of power to National Governments has been caused by all of the following EXCEPT
Censor radio and TV programs
All of the following are implied powers of Congress EXCEPT the power to
the power to impeach.
In order to bring charges against the President or Vice President for misconduct in office, the House of Representatives is given
the power to approve or reject major presidential appointments.
Which of the following nonlegislative powers may be exercised solely by the Senate?
upheld the doctrine of implied powers.
In McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court.
to empower Congress to pass laws needed to carry out the expressed powers.
Why did the Farmers include the Necessary and Proper Clause in the Constitution?
the commerce power
Supreme Court rulings have been key to broadening the scope of which expressed power?
to established uniform procedures for dealing with insolvents debtors
For what purpose does the Constitution give Congress the power to regulate bankruptcy?
anything reasonably related to carrying out the expressed powers.
The implied powers doctrine, upheld in McCulloch v. Maryland, gives Congress the power to do
regulate airlines routes in New England.
The Commerce Clause entitles Congress to
examine matters related to its lawmaking powers.
Congress is given investigatory powers in order to
gathering information useful in making legislative decisions
Which of the following is an example of the investigatory powers of Congress?
declare war.
Under the Constitution, Congress has the sole power to
the Senate.
All treaties must be approved by a two-thirds vote of