Powell 5 Matthew

From reading the Gospel of Matthew, what can be surmised about its author?
Jewish Christian who perhaps was a converted rabbi or synagogue leader, writing a generation or more after the time of Jesus.
As an example of Matthew’s affinity for structure and fondness of numbers, he cites twelve ________, perhaps playing on the number of tribes of Israel.
fulfillments of the Old Testament prophecy
Geographically, Matthew’s Gospel is often thought to have originated in the city of …?
Among the four Gospels, Matthew shows the greatest interest in the role of who or whom?
Among the four Gospels, Matthew presents Jesus as speaking about what?
the Church
What is distinctive about Matthew’s Gospel?
Matthew simplifies the material found in Mark, removing lively details. Matthew makes his story more appealing to Jewish-Christian readers. Matthew alters Mark’s portrait of Jesus to appear less frail.
How is God’s abiding presence a reality on earth?
God in Jesus, Jesus in the church, and the church in the world.
Matthew emphasizes the role of Jesus as teacher by presenting the teachings of Jesus in how many blocks of material?
For Matthew, the key to interpreting the Jewish scripture (OT) lies in the recognition that…
it is fulfilled in the life and teachings of Jesus.
The phrase “binding and loosing” in Matthew’s Gospel most likely refers to Jesus’ (and so the church’s) authority to…
interpret and apply the law
Which of the following are unique to Matthew’s Gospel?
Magi visit, Peter walking on water, Pilate washing his hands of responsibility.
In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus regards the Jewish leaders as
evil persons closely identified with Satan
How is the genealogy of Christ in Matthew organized?
By three sets of fourteen generations (Matthew loves triads, doublets, and dualism)
Matthew’s Gospel is often called…
“the teacher’s Gospel” or “the accountant’s Gospel”
T/F: Matthew a sloppy writer.
Where does the genealogy in Matthew start?
T/F: Matthew uses anecdotes.
What does Matthew stress about the disciples and other minor characters?
people of little faith
Was Matthew written before or after Mark more than likely?
How much of the material in Matthew is found in Mark?
T/F: Matthew is a collection of sayings.
T/F: Matthew’s material would appeal to people in the same places where Jesus taught, small villages outside major cities.
Matthew puts an emphasis on Jesus as…
the Son of God and teacher or rabbi
How does Jesus want his followers to be?
Perfect with sincere motives
T/F: Matthew says interpretation of scripture is understanding meaning in a deep sense.
T/F: Matthew portrays the disciples as perfect followers.
T/F: Matthew shows faith is marked by both worship and doubt.