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Pope Urban At Clermont

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Pope urban II addressed the urgent need to act upon the Persians and their Napier private behavior. He explains the acts of the Persians and how gruesome they were towards t he empire. Curiously, I saw the ellipsis in the third paragraph and decided to look into the speech h further. The pope further describes the extreme violence the Persians enacted In detail. Pope urban II lets his people know that they need to take action and that Jerusalem belongs to the people of God and that the Persians do not rightfully deserve to own t e land.

He makes the people believe that they really need to take action and as soon as possible. He was able to get them to chant "It Is the will of God, It Is the will of God. " and convinced the m that It was God who made them chant it in unison. He grabs the audience's attention and eke peps them interested enough to actually make them have a sense of pride and want to act or do whatever the Pope wants them to do. This Is extremely similar to contemporary politics. It has been done multiple times In the past decade alone.

The Pope talks to the people of the empire salary to the way pres dent Bush spoke to people of the United States when going to war with Iraq. Both speakers (Pop e urban II and President Bush) were able to use specific home events to engage the people and make them feel a sense of togetherness as a whole. When President Bush spoke to the united SST dates, he was able to bring the minds and pride of Americans to join together and bring Justice. The e Pope also points out the "uncleanness" of the Persians; that the people of the empire are much higher than that of the Persians.

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Pope Urban At Clermont

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He convinces them that It Is what is right, when truthfully, he has no Idea what could possible come of It. Similarly, President Barack Obama used a tactic like this when talking about the problems in the middle east. He convinces the public that it is in our best interest to I intervene with middle eastern issues. Pope Urban II Is able to convince his followers that fighting the Persians is in the best benefit of the people of the empire. He uses Important events to help the people lists

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