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Police Management Organizing, Planning, Controlling, Leading

March 28, 2012 Dear colleagues: To prepare for learning Motivational Interviewing in the healthcare field, we’d like to start off with a pre-test of your current knowledge. Cut and paste this url address into your websearch engine http://www. ceuuniversity.

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com/emc/emctesting. html It will take you to an “interactive” on-line test on Motivational Interviewing. There are 34 questions. At the end of the test you click on submit. It will identify – by number(s) – which questions you scored incorrectly. Write those numbers down.

Send them in an email back to Tammy Strickland (for medical staff) or Frank Heitmann (for clinical staff). The reason we need the specific numbers of the questions you answered incorrectly is to see if there are patterns we can address by more focused training. The results will be aggregated – so no one will know anyone else’s score – and we’ll give all of you a report on the results. Secondly, identify your learning preferences. Do you prefer we do one or more of the following: Send you reading material?

Send you web url addresses of youtube clips showing actual MI sessions? Send you web url addresses of youtube clips of Power Point reviews of MI / MI techniques? Let you join a group watching one or more DVDs on MI? Or be in a discussion group to role play MI skills from a set of very-common-to-us scenarios? Or ______________________________ (some other preference of yours) This is due no later than Wednesday April 11th (but earlier responses are much appreciated). Best bet is the materials will go out to you as soon as you email your test results.