PLS101- CH16- Social Policy

How is eligibility determined for noncontributory programs such as TANF?
means testing
Reforming social policy to address poverty in a redistributive manner
faces a major hurdle in being placed on the policy agenda.
What spurred the national government to become more heavily involved in elementary and secondary education?
Cold War competition with the Soviets
The danger or probability that a policy will encourage the behavior or cause the problem it is hoping to ensure against is known a
moral hazard.
All of the following account for Americans’ historical bias against welfare programs except
constitutional restrictions.
Why did Otto von Bismarck argue that the welfare system was a good idea?
It gave the lower classes a stake in the system and something to lose.
Which of the following social programs provides “in-kind” benefits?
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Critics of charter school efforts argue that they are
Which social program is old-age insurance and can be considered “forced savings”?
Social Security
The Great Depression showed Americans that poverty and dependency were
sometimes the result of broader imperfections in the economy, and not of individual responsibility.
Which president advocated the No Child Left Behind Act, which substantially increased the federal government’s role in education?
George W. Bush
The process of adjusting social benefits or wages to account for inflation is called
Which is NOT one of the three goals of social policy?
guaranteeing equality of outcomes
Which of the following is NOT true of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?
Its cost-saving and fraud detection features generated bipartisan support in Congress.
The 1996 welfare reform
resulted in a sharp decrease in the number of families receiving assistance.