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This scene starts in Brian’s bedroom on a Saturday morning.He has just got out of bed and Susie, his sister, is calling him down for breakfast.

Brian 🙁 talking to himself) Ohhhhhh.Yes! Tomorrow, we are going to the adventure park.

Susie 🙁 shouting) Brian, come down! Breakfast is ready!

(Brian stomps down the stairs into the dining room where he meets Susie.

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They both sit down at the table.)

Brian: I can’t wait to go to the adventure park tomorrow.

Susie: What! Mom said we are going to the Science Museum.

Brian: No way I’m going to some stupid Museum. I want some excitement.

Susie: The museum is nice and educational. We can learn a lot.

Brian: (losing his temper) don’t we learn enough at school already?

Susie: What we learn at school is just the basic things. At the Science Museum we can learn many fascinating things about our world.

Brian: Well, I’m not so fascinated. I would rather have fun.

Susie: Learning about the world we live in is fun.

Brian: We already know about the world we live in. It is called the earth and it is in the shape of a sphere.

Susie: Brian. There is so much more to learn about the earth than just the name and the shape.

Brian: Well we can learn more about the earth another time because I have been waiting too long for this to let this opportunity pass me by.

Susie: No, we can’t! The Science Museum is closing this week. We have to see it tomorrow or we will never get to see it.

Brian: (In a sarcastic voice) well, that’s just a shame. We will be missing it so much.

Susie: (hugging Brian) Please. Can’t you just delay your adventure trip this time?

Brian: Oh Alright but just this time.

Susie: Thanks Brian. You’re a great brother.

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