Playing sports

My favorite sandwich is a peanut butter sandwich which is quite simple to make. First I obtain the three ingredients of two slice of bread, peanut butter, and Jelly. I carefully spread Jelly on one slice of the bread and the peanut butter on the other slice. Then I meticulously line up the corners of the bread and lightly press them together. Last, I cut my sandwich in half as is ready to be eaten. 6. Advance in technology are making people less social. In our rapidly changing society, technological advances have made people less social.

As a result of computer enhancements, an individual can do Just about everything from their home such as pay bills, send emails, shop for items, such as clothes, cars, furniture’s, and house hold appliances, make travel reservations and even attend school by taking online classes in a distance learning environment. Additionally, the usage of cell phones has risen especially with the text messaging feature which adds to our being less social. Gone are the days of calling up acquaintances Just to say a simple’ “hello. Rutherford when contacting many businesses, an individual travels on a Journey of recorded messages before actually speaking to a “live” person. Businesses even use video conferencing instead of physically meeting with the employees. Also many billboards post electronic ads and schools even post important daily messages on their marquees. Nonetheless, our advances in technology are most appreciated but social interactions is still important to maintain much needed relationships with each other because, “no man is an island. ”

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Playing sports
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