Pi Kappa Phi

What is the Greek Alphabet? (Symbols and Names, in Order.)
Α – alpha
Β – beta
Γ – gamma
Δ – delta
Ε – epsilon
Ζ – zeta
Η – eta
Θ – theta
Ι – iota
Κ – kappa
Λ – lambda
Μ – mu
Ν – nu
Ξ – xi
Ο – omicron
Π – pi
Ρ – rho
Σ – sigma
Τ – tau
Υ – upsilon
Φ – phi
Χ – chi
Ψ – psi
Ω – omega
Who are the Founders of Pi Kappa Phi?
Brother Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr.
Brother Simon Fogarty Jr.
Brother Lawrence Harry Mixson
What is The Flat Hat Club?
This is regarded as the first Fraternity, Founded by Thomas Jefferson at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia on November 11th, 1750
What was the first Fraternity founded?
Phi Beta Kappa, December 5th, 1776 at the College of William and Mary by John Heath
What is the meaning of “Nu Phi?”
“Non Fraternity”
This is the origin of Pi Kappa Phi. The three founders of Pi Kappa Phi did not agree with he ideals of traditional Fraternities
What is the PKP National Founding Date and College?
December 10th, 1904 at the College of Charleston, South Carolina.
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What was the Address of the first PKP meeting?
90 Broad Street (The Fogarty Home)
When was PKP Tau Chapter founded?
January 27th, 1920
Miami Triad
Beta Theta Pi
Phi Delta Theta
Sigma Chi
Union Triad
Kappa Alpha Society
Sigma Phi
Delta Phi
What color of ink where the first minutes taken in?
Dark Green Ink
Greek Court Houses in Order (Start with ADPi
Alpha Delta Pi
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Phi Gamma Delta
Delta Zeta
Kappa Alpha Order
Sigma Kappa
Lambda Chi Alpha
Delta Gamma
Pi Kappa Phi
Pi Beta Phi
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Sigma Nu
Who were the seven Founding Fathers of Pi Kappa Phi?
Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr.
Simon Fogarty Jr.
Lawrence Harry Mixson
Thomas F. Mosimann
Theodore Barnwell Kelly
Anthony Peltzer Wagener
James Fogarty
Who was the first brother to join after the original seven?
Brother Henry Patrick Wagener
What are the symbols of Pi Kappa Phi?
Associate Member Pin
Badge of Membership
Great Seal
Colors (White, Gold, Auxiliary: Blue) and Flower (Red Rose)
Pi Kappa Phi Flag
Coat of Arms
Who was the first Archon of Pi Kappa Phi?
Brother Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr.
Where did the term “Archon” come from?
Means “President.” It comes from the name of the Chief Magistrate in Ancient Greek city states.
What was the first Sorority founded? (Write the original name and what they are known as today.)
The Adelphean Society (Alpha Delta Pi)
What was the name of the Fraternity with the first “Fraternity House?” (Fraternity, Nickname of house, and College.)
Chi Psi, “The Lodge”, University of Michigan
Who authored the Ritual of Initiation?
Brother Lawrence Harry Mixson
Brother Anthony Peltzer Wagener
Who was the first member initiated using the Ritual of Initiation?
Brother Henry Patrick Wagener
What are the 3 decisions of an associate Member?
Joining Pi Kappa Phi over another Fraternity
Making a special decision at a ritual prior to initiation
Becoming a lifelong member of Pi Kappa Phi
What are the 7 responsibilities of an Associate Member?
Be a friend
Be yourself
Be a good citizen
Act responsibly
Learn PKP
Give back
Choose to lead
What are the first 5 chapters of Pi Kappa Phi?
Alpha Chapter – College of Charleston
Beta Chapter – Presbyterian College
Gamma Chapter – University of California – Berkely
Delta Chapter – Furman University
Sigma Chapter – University of South Carolina
What is the significance of the Gamma Chapter? What is its nickname?
Established Pi Kappa Phi as national fraternity and were the first chapter with a house. Nickname – “The Bastard Chapter.”
What is the national publication of Pi Kappa Phi?
The Star and Lamp
What is the name of our chapter’s publication?
Tau Tales
Where can the Supreme Laws of Pi Kappa Phi be found?
Gold Book
Who is the fourth honorary founding father of Pi Kappa Phi?
Brother Durward W. Owen
Xi Chapter – Roanoke College
Who was the first Mr. Pi Kappa Phi?
Brother Leo Harben Pou
Omicron Chapter (Alabama)
What us our Latin Motto? What is the English translation?
Nil Separabit – “Nothing shall separate us.”
What is our Greek Motto? What is the English translation?
OΥΔΕΝ ΔΙΑΣΠΑΣΕΙ ΗΜΑΣ – “Nothing shall ever tear us asunder.”
What is the Mission Statement?
To create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities.
What is the Vision Statement?
A future where every Pi Kappa Phi embraces his role as a leader, put service before self, and improves the world around him.
What are the 8 officer positions in order?
Vice Archon
Risk Manager
In the picture of the house where the first meeting was held in the College of Charleston, which window was open?
Top right window
In the picture of the house where the first meeting was held in the College of Charleston, what was located on the first floor?
A grocery store
List 5 active Pi Kappa Phi chapters in North Carolina (excluding NCSU.)
Kappa – University of North Carolina
Beta Phi – East Carolina University
Delta Zeta – Appalachian State University
Gamma Theta – University of North Carolina Wilmington
Mu – Duke University
What are the 7 issues Pi Kappa Phi stands on?
H – Hazing
A – Alcohol Abuse
R – Risk Managment
D – Diversity and Inclusion
A – AIDS (This has been removed)
S – Sexual Misconduct
S – Substance Abuse
Name one famous Pi Kapp and his chapter. What is he famous for?
Brother Lonnie C. Poole Jr. Tau Chapter. Founder of Waste Industries.
Who founded Push America (Now called the Ability Experience) and what year? What is his Chapter and School?
Founded in 1977 by Brother Thomas Sayre, Kappa Chapter, UNC.
What did P.U.S.H. used to stand for?
People Understanding the Severely Handicapped
What are the three areas of focus of Push?
What are Push America’s 4 core values?
What are 7 programs of Push America?
Ability Weekend
Ability Camp
Journey of Hope
Gear Up Florida
Build America
The Ability Experience Challenges
What is a Legacy? Name two legacies (Full name and Tau.)
A male relative of an initiated member who is given special consideration during recruitment as an act of courtesy to the related member.
Brother Kyle Brandon Davis T-1353
Brother Fredrick Howard Adams III T-1382
What does C.L.A.S.S. stand for?
What are the individual expectations of a Pi Kappa Phi member? (M.U.D.F.A.P.S.)
Maintain the dignity of our Fraternity
Uphold the college’s traditions
Do your share
Financial responsibility
Academic excellence
Preparing for the future
What where the the gifts presented to the College of Charleston on the 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th anniversaries of our National founding?
25th- Pi Kappa Phi Gateway
50th- Pi Kappa Phi Memorial Clock
75th- 75 Rose Bush Garden
100th- Pi Kappa Phi Bell Tower
What are the lyrics to “The Rose”?
As I sat alone with my dreams
A beautiful land I did see
And a vision so bright
Came to me through the night
With my dream girl I seemed to be
Oh her eyes are the stars of Heaven
That shine as a lamp so bright
Her lips are the rose’s petals
Which open their folds to the light
Her hair is the gold of sunset
As it fades in the Western sky
No flower that grows is like the Rose
She’s the flower of Pi Kappa Phi.
What is the Student Creed?
I believe that the ideal chapter is made up of men
Who are bound together in a common loyalty which transcends any personal selfishness;
Who realize that membership means personal responsibility in bearing their share of the financial burden of the chapter and the national organization;
Who bring credit to their fraternity by striving to attain the highest possible standards of scholarship;
Who safeguard the reputation of their chapter by keeping careful watch over their personal conduct;
Who uphold faithfully the traditions and activities of their college;
Who prepare themselves diligently to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens;
I believe that my chapter can become an ideal chapter and I shall do my share to make it so.
What are the three core objectives of Pi Kappa Phi?
Build better men
Build leading chapters
Promote lifelong brotherhood.
Define Ultimate Respect (word for word)
Ultimate Respect is when you put the well-being of the fraternity or an individual ahead of the friendship and realize that the unpleasantness of short-term conflict is better than the long-term ramifications of inactions.
What are the three types of Rushees?
Type One: The Always Joiners
Type Two: The Sometimes Joiners
Type Three: The Never Joiners
Who were the first 10 brothers of the Tau Chapter? (Full name and Tau number)
Franklin Dewey Cline T-1
Cecil Edward Cooke T-2
Robert Antine McCollough Deal T-3
Joseph Gaddy Deberry T-4
Peter V. Hooper T-5
William E. Leeper T-6
Homer Dewitt Long T-7
Harry G. McGinn T-8
George King Murray T-9
John Hugh Norwood T-10
What is the Address of the Pi Kappa Phi National Headquarters?
2015 Ayrsley Town Boulevard, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28273
Who were the past 3 Archons of the Tau chapter? (Full name and Tau number)(Excluding Charles)
Brother Bradford Thomas Chamberlain T-1346
Brother Walter Bentley Mather V T-1341
Brother Taylor Chase Resparc T-1325
How often does Supreme Chapter meet?
Every two years
Who is the National President of Pi Kappa Phi?
Brother Tracy D. Maddux, Zeta Theta (Texas-Austin)
Who is the author of the 2014 White Diamond?
Brother Adam Phillips, Eta Zeta (Queens)
What is a Pi Alpha? Who is a Pi Alpha in the Tau Chapter?
Pi Alphas are members of an elite society that have completed a summer event on behalf of The Ability Experience. Brother David Craig Embry T-1355