Physics Chapter 9 Study Guide

Newton’s second law
the acceleration of a body is proportional to the net force on it and inversely proportional to is mass; this is a statement of
Newton’s third law
when one object exerts a force on a second object, the second obect exerts a force on the fist that is equal in magnitude and direction; this is a statement of
a quantity that has magnitude and direction
the product of the average force exerted on an object and the time interval through which it acts is the
linear momentum
the product of the mass and velocity of a body is its
impulse-momentum theorem
states that the impulse on an object is equal to the change of momentum that it causes
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angular momentum
the quantity of motion used with objects rotating around a fixed axis is
internal forces
forces within a closed system are
external forces
all the forces that act on a system from outside the system are
closed system
does not gain or lose
law of conservation of momentum
states that the momenum of any clcosed system with no net external force actin on it does not change
isolated system
aa closed system in which the net external force on the system is zero
the backward motion of part of an isolated, closed system
the product of a force and a lever arm is