Phlebotomy Ch. 48 Worksheet

Which of the following is part of the preparation for a glucose tolerance test?
instruct the patient to eat a high-carbohydrate diet for 3 days before the procedure
Inaccurate test results may occur in certain tests when ___ is used to prepare the skin before venipuncture.
Which of the following plays a vital role in the exchange of gases between blood and body cells?
The study of blood is
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent (ELISA) and Western blot tests are used to confirm which of the following diagnoses?
HIV infection
The red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are known as the
formed elements
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A small, calibrated glass tube that holds a precise volume of fluid is called a
Which of the following is used in the capillary puncture technique?
The process of clotting is called
Which of the following is a protein that contains iron an is the main component of erythrocyte?
Which of the following is a characteristic of a capillary puncture?
The patient’s non-dominant hand is used for this procedure
Which blood type carries neither the A antigen not the B antigen?
The most common sites for venipuncture are the
median cubital and cephalic veins
Which of the following is the liquid or fluid portion of the blood?
Which of the following refers to the study of the shape or form of objects?
Which of the following are nongranular leukocytes that produce antibodies to combat specific pathogens?
B lymphocytes
Which of the following refers to the rupturing of red blood cells, which release hemoglobin that can cause kidney failure and death after an incompatible blood transfusion?
The protein involved in clotting is
The insertion of a needle or cannula into a vein for the purpose of withdrawing blood is
Blood grouping and typing and an AIDS antibody test must be performed with a collection tube with what color stopper?
The first line of defense during a phlebotomy procedure is
Which of the following is important when drawing blood from children?
gather your supplies and samples as quickly as possible to avoid alarming the child with blood-collection tubes
A blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test is used to identify
kidney disorders
A blood -collection tube with what color stopper requires no additive?
In addition to using appropriate engineered safety devices, NIOSH recommends that health-care workers
use needles only if no safe alternatives are available
Which of the following identifies how much of the volume of a sample is made up of red blood cells after a sample has been spun in a centrifuge?
hematocrit determination
The normal sodium blood level is
136-145 mE/q/L
Normal prothrombin time (PT) is
11-15 seconds
Which blood collection device uses interchangeable collection tubes
evacuation system
The best site for drawing blood from an infant is on the
An erythrocyte (RBC) count test is used to identify
To make sure you identify the patient correctly prior to blood collection, you should
ask the patient to tell you her name and spell it
whole blood is
total volume of plasma and formed elements
The normal blood calcium level is
Which procedure for obtaining a blood sample in adults and children is usually performed on the middle finger or the ring finger?
capillary puncture
which of the following is a characteristic of lancets?
They are small disposable instruments with a smart point used to puncture the skin
Gout is identified by which of type of blood tests
Uric Acid
Hemophilia is
A disorder in which blood does not coagulate at a wound or puncture site
Blood tests for potassium or sodium identify
fluid and electrolyte balances
Which tests require the use of a green stopper?
electrolyte studies and blood gases
Which of the following would you include when preparing a venipuncture site?
cleanse the venipuncure site using a circular motion starting at the center and working outward
The normal range for potassium in the blood is
which of the following is generally used to cleanse the skin before drawing blood?
Which of the following is used to cleanse the skin when alcohol causes inaccurate results for certain tests?
providone iodine
The function of leukocytes is to
protect the body against infection
which of the following tests uses a tube with a gray stopper
blood glucose
which of the following are granular leukocytes that produce chemical histamine and aid the body in controlling allergic reactions
which blood test identifies coronary artery disease
total cholesterol
Which of the following is important when drawing blood from an elderly patient?
recognize skin changes and conditions that increase bruising`
Which of the following are included in steps for collection of a blood specimen?
identify the patient correctly
The hemoglobin A1c Test reflects the blood glucose levels over a __ period
3 month
which of the following is the clear, yellow liquid in which the formed elements of blood are suspended?
The normal blood glucose level is
Blood that carries only the A antigen contains
anti-B antibodies
plasma is __ percent water
The clear, yellow liquid that remains after a blood clot forms is the
After how many unsuccessful attempts should you seek assistance from your supervisor or doctor
Which method of drawing blood would you use on a patient with small or fragile veins?
needle and syringe system
a blood test that measures creatine kinase (CK) can identify
heart disease
Which of the following would you include when performing a venipuncture using an evacuation system?
penetrate the vein wall to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch