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Petroleum and Case Study

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This Case Study is submitted in partial fulfilment of the I'equirement fol' the Mastel' of Business Aclministl'ation, Malaysian Graduate School of Management, Univel'sity Putn Malaysia, Sel'dang, Selangol' Dal'Ul Ehsan. Confidentiality Statement The Case Study is purely an academic exercise undertaken by the author. The case herewith contains certain information that shall not be disclosed to the public. Thus no part of this document is to be reproduced in any form and be used in any manner without prior written permission from the author.

Acknowledgement First, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to my Supervisor, Professor Dr. Mohd. Ismail Ahmad for his guidance, comments and valuable suggestions during the course of preparing this case study. A big thank you and credit shall also be given to all lecturers throughout the whole MBA programme for their interesting lecture which makes all of us more clear and understanding on the business concept and strategy which is important for today's competitive business environment.

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Petroleum and Case Study

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A word of thank shall also go to my wife and children who provide me a valuable inspiration and have been the most patient, understanding, supportive and encouraging for taking this course. Without them, the completion of this case study and the MBA programme would not have been possible. Thank you so much - I love you all ..... . Originality of the Document I, Wan Zainuddin Hj Wan Muda, Matric No. : 45161, a final year student of the MBA programme at the University Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan hereby confirmed that the case repared for the above programme is purely the sole effort of my goodself. Name: Date : 'allg? _1Ihd ?l_1Xl"I ..... ,....... ,,?? a.? __ ? P. T___ F_ Ii,. ,. ) FIGURE 1. 0 PETRONAS GROUP OF COMPANIES - 8 - I I I I I 1 I MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE GROUP PVBUC AFFAIRS BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT ICEO DATO' M. HASSAN MERJCAN . : I I I I I -I 1- . .1 I BOARD AUDIT COMMrmE lAMe I INTERNAL AUDIT REGIOAAL OFACCS I I I HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT COMPANY SECRETARY &. LEGAl... SERVICES CORPORATE PlANNING & BUSINESS DEVElOPMENT I I I CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT 1 I I I I EXPlORATION &. PROOUCTKlN SECTOR I . s PETROCHEMICAL SECTOR I ITEC? OGY . 1 1 RESOURCES & MANAGEMENT SECTOR REF? ING ' MARKETING SECTOR II TRANSPORTATION & MARINE SERVICES SECTOR I ) HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT SECTOR I 1 FINANCE SECTOR J FIGURE 2. 0 PETRONAS ORGANISATION STRUCTURE - 9 - PETRONAS was now a full-fledged oil and gas company which engaged in a wide range of activities. covering petroleum exploration and production. oil refining. marketing. trading and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products. natural gas processing. ransmission and distribution. natural gas liquefaction and marketing oil liquefied natural gas. and manufacturing and marketing of petrochemicals and fertilisers. Due to the government's depletion policy. oil production in the country was levelled off between 600. 000 bopd to 650. 000 bopd. Today. within a strong foothold in the country. while building on to its domestic operations. PETRONAS was actively expanding into the global market forging towards its vision of becoming a multi-national petroleum corporation. As PETRONAS President says .... The most critical challenge would be to achieve and keep our competitive edge in the international arena where we would be up against the most established and experience players. In order to realise the above. we need to re-examizJe ourselves order to achieve the iUld cOlltlnuously improve 011 everytlJJllg we do in most cost effectiveness. efficient utilisation of our resources •.... we must continuously seek improvement in our organisation and respond positively to the constant changes in the dynamic business environment that we · operatem ...... " . (3) 10 - 2. 1 . 1 VISION STATEMENT" MISSION STATEMENT PETRONAS, having consolidated its position at home and with the expertise and knowledge acquired over the p of 20 years of its existence, was spreading its wing and venturing abroad to pursue its "dreams". In order to realise organisational goals, PETRONAS has recently launched the long term Vision Statement as well as creating a Mission Statement to benchmark and evaluate organisation success. PETRONAS VISION STATEMENT " To be a Leading Oil and Gas Multinational of Choice " PETRONAS MISSION STATEMENT We are a business entity, Petroleum was our resources, Our primary objective was to develop and add value to this national resources, Our obj ective was to contribute to the well being of the people and the nation" 2. 1 . 2 SIIARED VALUES In addition to having both Vision and Mission Statement, PETRONAS also launched organisational "Shared Values" to enhance organisational objective in achieving the goals. - II - Loyalty Professionalism - Loyalty to the Nation & Corporation Committed, Innovative and Proactive and Always Striving for Excellence Integrity Cohesiveness

Honest and Upright United in Purpose and Fellowship With the above Vision, Mission Statement as well as establishing "Shared Values" statement, it was envisaged that PETRONAS employee could foster a better teamwork, quality product and services which could provide competitive edge, and hence would portray PETRONAS image, reputation and success of the organisation not only at home but also at the international arena. 2. 2 PETRONAS CJlRIGALJ SDN BBD PETRONAS CARlGALI SON. BHD. (peSB) was one of the PETRONAS wholly owned subsidiaries incorporated on 11 at May 1978.

With the increase business activities in the exploration and production of oU and gas and good potential for industry development, peSB has been entrusted by PETRONAS to spearheaded the challenge in the oil and gas exploration, development and production not only locally but also at the international arena. To date, peSB was the operator of more than 12 fields, producing about one third of the country's total oil and gas production. The fields operated by PCSB locally are Ouyong, Oulang, Bekok, Tapis and Pulai in Peninsular Malaysia, the Tembungo and Samarang in Sabah, nine oilfield in - 12 -

Baram Delta area in Sarawak. Meanwhile, in the international area, peSB was operating Dai Hung in Vietnam, and few platforms in the Caspian sea which undergoing development phases. Currently, PCSB has been involved in a number of projects internationally. Among the international projects undertaken by PCSB was in the Asia region such as Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, India; in the Middle East such as in Iran, Iraq, Syria; in Eastern Europe such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan; in Africa such as in Sudan and many more. Through the years, PCSB kept on venturing into new concession area and ggressively participate in the international arena to further strengthen its business. (4) 2. 2. 1 PCSB VISION STATEMENT Many multinational companies set a long term organisational objectives or goals known as vision statement. Likewise, as business activities were faCing a stiff challenge in todays global market environment, PCSB has also established company vision in realising its goals and objectives. With the vision, peSB was expected to enhance its capabilities. PCSB vision was " To Be A MultinatiolJal E & P CompalJY ofClJoice, Creating V alue TlJroug COlJtinuous ImprovemelJt & GrowtlJ ". h - 13 - 2. . 2 PCSB BUSINESS OBJECTIVES One could argue that it was virtually impossible for an organisation to function without having establish some business goals or objectives. An objective set a future target or end result that an organisation wishes to achieve. It also set a direction where the organisation was heading towards achieving its dream. As part of globalisation effort to purse its business activities, PCSB has set few organisational objectives to spearhead the challenge of the oil and gas industry that was very competitive particularly in the international arena. PCSB business objectives were ; o

To actively participate in the exploration of petrolewn resources for the maximwn benefit of the peopJe o To attain lull operational and technical expertise through manpower development and the transfer of technology in the shortest possible time o To achieve an adequate production level so as to meet the nation? total crude oil and gas output o To ensure maximum Malaysian involvement in the fabricating and assembling of aD production facilities and provision of ancillary and supportive services in the oil and gas industry. The above business objectives were in line with PETRONAS President wishes who said that" ...

The most critical challenge would be to achieve and keep our competitive edge in the international arena where we would be - 14 - up against the most established and experienced players. In order to be competitive. we need to constantly re-examme ourselves iUJd CDlltbluously Improve Oil everytbblg we do in order to achieve cost effectiveness. efficient utilisation of our resources....... we must continuously seek improvement in our organisation and respond positively to the constant changes in the dynamic business environment that we operate 11(5) m.... . • 3. 0 PCSB ORGANISATION STRUCTURE

Having diversifying its business activities outside the domestic environment. PCSB basically adopting functional concept of the organisation structure. Current PCSB organisation structure composed of essentially five (5) main divisions that were Exploration. Development. Commercial Services. Domestic Operation. and International Operation. Each of these divisions was headed by the General Manager who reported directly to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer. Exploration division focus on finding new oil and gas reserve that could provide substantial return to the company.

Whenever Exploration teams find new oil and gas reserve. the field development was then be the responsibility of the Development division to further study how to produce hydrocarbon from offshore. Development division composed of Petroleum Department. Drilling Department. Design Department. Construction Department. and Services Department that specialise in certain work scope. Commercial Services Division mainly focused on all contractual matters pertaining to the project development and exploration activities. Meanwhile. for both - 15 -

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