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Petit and fernando

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There were two young souls with a dedicated passion in the novel " Let The Great World Spin" by Colum McCann expressed themselves through different inspiration. Philippe Petit, the French acrobat who in 1974 walked across a tightrope between the Twin Towers. Petit a man with out a fear, well that's what you would say if you would watch him pursue what he felt like was destiny. He had a passion most would call crazy, insane, or even fatal. Fernando Yunque Marcano was Just young Hipic fourteen year old boy still experiencing life, and adventure through a camera in the treets of New York.

Fernando was blown away by the creativity that these artists would express and how they would show their thoughts through art. Philippe and Fernando are two different people in two different settings living in their own journey. Petit was passionate about "walking on wire. " He didn't want to think of the consequences he could face while performing such walk. He was a calm person Just focused on his dream to walk further and higher, to call it history I suppose. His motivation was the rush he received.

He puts himself to the test and it was even said that "His favorite moment was running along the wire without a balancing pole- it was the purest bodyflow he could get" (McCann 158). When he finally arrived to walk on the wire and went through the rush "he felt for a moment uncreated. Another kind of awake" (McCann164). A person feels like it was a different of kind of living says a lot on how he felt for this passion someone would call insane, he felt alive. He felt something he couldn't compare it to. Petit had a talent that humanity could not deny.

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Petit and fernando

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Fernando Yunque Marcano was a humble quiet boy with not much money. He is an adolescent but definitely knew where his passion lied. He hid his face through a camera. Fanatical in his work, the only image that he had in his mine was captivating the moment through photography. Fernando would surf the trains of New York putting himself in danger one hand on his camera trying to take pictures of what he saw such beauty in, tags "loves the way the letters curl, the arcs, the swerves, the flames, their clouds. (McCann 168), it shows that he saw creativity and enjoyment to omething that we see everyday and probably show not much interest in. His talent to express himself in photographs is another way of speech. Philippe Petite was a man with an obsession of the wire. Fernando Yunque Marcano had an obsession of the camera. They were two legendry men in their own unique way. No matter their motive or their reason they did what they loved to do. Their dedication to what they felt was their purpose overcame their "fear" to reality. There dedication to there obsession is another world for his passion.

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