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Because of the international presence of Philips, each country doesn't have the infrastructure to welcome properly Philips' technologies, including online processes. So Philips needs to adapt its products to the country where they are. Moreover, Philips Company is very dependent on technology. New innovations can significantly improve operations of the company. Also, it's important not to neglect the Research and Development department even if it's the most expensive one. Many countries are now environment concerned and try to reduce pollution.

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Philips s a large manufacturer can face some problems because of that, even more as it is a lightening company. Witt the important development to the LED, Philips challenge even if the LED market is not as profitable as the lamp market. LEGAL FACTOR NAS a real Each country has its own legislation even countries which are parts of the same organization, for example, in Europe, there is the European legislation and the country's legislation, so Philips needs to be aware of every aspects of this system and adapt quickly.

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