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Pestel Analysis for McDonald’s

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It's a well-known fact that technology is the future. The use of robots in the food industry will be a common trend in future and McDonald's global organization is mainly controlled by IT systems. Their IT systems development is colossal and the technology serves as a fuel for the company to accelerate the progress.The social responsibility of McDonald's on a region is influenced by the operations f the company in that specific region. McDonald's is a major sponsor for numerous sport competitions/activities, development of schools and supports many charity organizations. Environmental concerns over waste management have forced McDonald's to switch to biodegradable packaging and to reduce the company's greenhouse-gas emissions. 6 LEGAL FACTORS: like enforced taxes and levy, quality requirements, employment standards, are only a few among the other equally important legal factors on which the company has to take into consideration in order o respect all the laws and regulations, worldwide with reference at political-socio- economic and environmental circumstances.

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Pestel Analysis for McDonald’s

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McDonald's is the world's largest fast food company that is measured under the franchising organization. Everyone can take the franchise from the organization through a standard agreement and contract with the McDonald's. They give the opportunity to the local business person to use the product idea and brand name to the company, they get commissions and don't take any risk from the local market. The purpose of the franchising is to minimize the risk and cost of being global.

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