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Persusave Essay

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Rodney Klein To whom it may concern, Thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal. As you know the Bay Cafe had a grand Re-opening in January of 2014. At this time we changed our menu options, our times of operation, and we included the opening of the Boardwalk Bistro coffee shop. Our fellow hospital employee's took a few months to adjust to the change. We lost some customers but we gained some new ones as well.

I believe now that everyone has acclimated to our new changes it is time to start implementing daily or Kelly deals/options as well as a change to our hours of operation. First, our hours of operation are very confusing to our nursing and support staff. We are open in the Bistro coffee shop from am to 10:AMA for hot cooked to order breakfast. From 10:AMA to 1 1 am, we only offer grab and go options as our cafe staff changes from breakfast to lunch.

During the 10:AMA-1 lam hour the Bistro coffee shop looks deserted as the staff makes the necessary changes to lunch and is not always present in the Bistro. The cafe is then open from 1 lam to pm for lunch at which time the grab and go option is available from pm to pm. At pm the Bistro coffee shop is then open until pm. During the hours of pm to pm the cafeteria looks and feels deserted. If we were to keep the cafe open during this time the friendly atmosphere would draw more customers and potential business.

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These few minor changes would not require more staffing or cost more to operate. However it would simplify the confusion and frustration to the Bay Park staff and lessen the stress of the Bay Cafe employees. Recap of suggested new hours of operation: Bistro Coffee Shop open am to loam (Breakfast) Bay Cafe open loam to pm (Lunch and Dinner) Second, since our grand opening in January 2014, our menu has not changed for breakfast. We offer the same few selections and the same daily specials Monday through Friday.

If we incorporated a daily or weekly drink special we could draw new potential customers. Our supplier is through Cattle's best which is owned by Struck Coffee. They have a list of possible drink mixes on their website that we could add to our menu and offer as a special. Our menu is good but these few changes could make it great. We would not be adding any supplies or need any extra staffing to accomplish these changes. For example: Monday: Caramel Machismo $x. Xx and Pancakes (already offered) Tuesday: London Fog $x. X and Sausage Burrito (already offered) In closing, the Bay Cafe and the Bistro coffee shop are great additions to Bay Park Community Hospital. The new hours of operation however are extremely confusing to the nursing and support staff, a few adjustments would reduce this confusion. The meal offerings for breakfast in the Bistro Coffee shop are very popular, especially the daily breakfast specials. A daily or weekly coffee/drink special would add to offerings and potential earnings. Thank you Food and Nutrition Services

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