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Persuasive Student Parking

Essay Topic:

Dear Principal, I am writing to let you know that I am completely happy with the recent policy of numbered parking spaces. Parking at school is much more convenient now, and knowing the school has more information about parking lot activity is great. I am also very pleased that I have no longer been tardy or searched for an open space.

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It truly has been better with this rule in effect. First of all, the school should have knowledge about what is happening in the parking lot. Knowing where each student’s designated parking spots are prevents vandalism.

It also prevents the students from skipping class because the faculty can check if your car is in the designated parking space. In the same way it is nice for the staff to know where each student car is, it is just as great for me to know exactly where im going. I no longer have to drive in circles around the lot, searching for an open space. Stepping into the crisp, bitter cold in the morning is bad enough, staying in it even longer than necessary is just plain awful. Which bring me to my last point. I have not been tardy since the new parking rules.

The traffic has been cut down tremendously, allowing me to get to my parking space very quickly. I no longer feel rushed or overwhelmed that i will be late, and that is a great way to start the day. As a result of reading the previous information, i urge you to please keep this rule enforced. I think the benefits you and the staff have recieved from knowing where each students car is just as great as the students starting off the morning going directly to their spot and getting to class on time! Thank you for your time and attention

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