Persuasive Speech: Steroids in MLB

According to Public Religion Research Institute, 6 in 10 Americans view football as the sport that they closely follow and only one third of people asked said that football is America’s game. So the question to ask is what happened to baseball? Why is there a decline of World Series viewership over the past decade. The reason is that people view baseball as a slow, methodical, low scoring game. They want fast pacing action points to be scored and baseball is not that. Major league baseball has to do something to change the perception that it has, otherwise it more people won’t care and spend more time watching other sports.
Body 1
Baseball would become more exciting

More home runs would occur

According to the Huffington Post, MLB banned steroids until the 1991 season and did not start testing till 2003

Mark McGwire hit 70 Home runs and Sammy Sosa hit 61 home runs
Barry Bonds hit 762 Home Runs, most HR’s in history
More runs being scored

Between 2000-2002 the total runs was 784
Between 2011-2013 The run total was 690
Over a hundred more runs were scored in the early 2000’s
More hits

Body 1a
According to, OPS raised from .725 to right around .800

A player with the same stats as the mvp today only finished 20th in mvp voting

Still dominate pitching
Greg Maddux
Randy Johnson
Pedro Martinez
High numbers but not outrageously high numbers

Body 2
Transition: In order for people to get even more interested in baseball, certain players that were just considered average would be able to put of great numbers thanks to steroids.

Allows players to do better than they would otherwise
Many players posted better numbers than they did without steroids

Sammy Sosa
According to Espn stats and info, in 1992 he had 8 HR’s
1993 had 33 HR’s
Jumped from 36 HR’s to 66 in 1997

Body 2a
Barry Bonds
Averaged around 40 HR’s per year
2001 hit 71 HR

Many players declined after 2003
Steroid testing going on
More players taking steroids

Not everybody put up good numbers

On Good Day L.A, Robert Fick admitted to using steroids
Finished career in 07 with .257 Batting Average and 69 HR
All kinds of players took steroids and a lot of them struggled like Fick

Body 3
Transition: Putting up numbers is just one aspect of allowing players to take steroids, baseball has one of the longest seasons of the four major sports, so injuries have it often and steroids can help that.

Allows players to recover faster

According to Joe Posnanski of NBC sports, there is an ongoing trend that pitchers get hurt

The unnatural throwing motion

Pitchers given limited rest

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Body 3a
Human Growth Hormone

Speeds up the recovering process

Might reduce an 2 month injury to 6 weeks

According to Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jason Grimsley, he says the use of drugs is prevent because players want to play.

Any person wants to get back to their job as soon as possible

MLB player have huge salaries and teams want to get most out of their money

Most players want to get back to their team

Baseball is slowly becoming the least popular of the four major sports. I believe in order to make the game more interesting is to allow players to take steroids if they wish to. It is up for debate but watching baseball in the 90’s and early 2000’s made it a completely more exciting sport with teams putting up more runs, players breaking, records, and player overcoming injuries. All of this was possible because steroids help players, but it wasn’t the steroids that did all the work, talent was needed and it made baseball America’s game. Although revenue is up for most MLB teams viewership is down, and most of the population gets bored with baseball. MLB can climb back on the horse by allowing the use of steroids.

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