Personality Theory PSY

Q: Compare to a few decays ago personality psychologist today knowledge biological influences on personality shift of the decline approach to personality
A: behaviorism
Q: Which of the following an example of super trait according to Isaac?
A: psychoticism
Q: Using factor analyses Isaac found that people who score higher on the dimension on psychoticism tend to be?
A: all of the above
Q: According to Isaac the major source of individual difference in personality
A: genic factors
Q: Recent research challenges one aspect of Isaac’s of one of his original theory of suggesting that extroverts and introverts deferrer in terms of?
A: sensitivity level of coracle arousal
Q: cross cultural research on Isaac model of personality tends to find same the three dimension of personality of cross cultural find it evidence for
A: biological basis for personality (A)
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Q: According to temperament researchers which statement is correct about inhibited children they would grow to be?
A: B anxiety to novelty
Q: In a review of research it estimated that what kind of children are seven times likely at risk to suffer from social anxiety disorder
A: inhibited children
Q: Many generations ago our ancestors were more likely to survive if they lived in groups than if they lived by themselves this argument is used by advocates of evolutionary personality theory to explain?
A: anxiety
Q: Theorist makes many arguments about anxiety which of the follow is an argument expect ONE?
A: B we all have a need dominate others
Q: Research indicates that child’s temperament is related to how well he or she performs in school researchers explain this finding with each other following reasons expect one
A: A that temperament is related to intelligence
Q: Some psychologist argues that we should utilize different learning procedures to meet the needs of each student temperament this approach is based one which model?
A: goodness of fit model
Q: a psychologist shows participants films of design to make them happy or sad she measures the participant’s brain activity level with a EEG during the films the psychologist probably doing research on?
A: cerebral asymmetry (different hemispheres of the brain)
Q: Using EEG researchers have found a higher activation in the left hemisphere associated with
A: smiling
Q: In the study of college students with no history of emotional disturbances student’s with right higher hemisphere activation were?
A: More likely experience depressive episodes
Q: One reason why psychologists were so resisted to the biological perspective?
A: (B) the blank slake view has such great appeal
Q: [notes] nature vs nurture (Are important) what’s impacting that personal to what extent are our personality influences by genic and our environment
Q: Researchers use the twin study method why they use it (look up in textbook) to separate environmental from genic influences?
A: All of the above
Q: identical twins are called?
A: Mono psychotic
Q: Suppose you design personality setting in which you plan to use the twin study method you are probably conducting research to examine what?
A: (C) the stability of temperament over time
Q: Researchers have difficult determining genic influences on personality when they simply compare to children to with their parents?
A: all of the above
Q: Researchers using the twin study method take advantage of which naturally according phenomenon?
A: A Mono psychotic have the same genic gens
Q: About how much of personality is determined by genic according to twin study tells us
A: 40 %
Q: research on extroverts and introverts found there that are consistent evidence for genetic compound for extroverts and introverts
A: extroverts and introverts have different levels of arousal
Q: Research finds that compared to introverts extroverts?
A: Report higher levels of happiness
Q: a research report that men in this country tend to marry younger woman and woman tend marry older men?
A: evolutionary personality theory
Q: According to this theory men prefer physically attracted women because?
A: the attributes we call beautiful are associated with youth and fertility
Q: According to evolutionary theory Men and woman based their choice on romantic partners this means? (Parental investment)
A: we select mates for likely contribution to successful reproduction and child rising
Q: According to the parental investment model woman prefer men that are?
A: finically stable
Q: which one is not an element of humanistic psychology?
A: identity crisis
Q: According to the humanistic approach people would be happy?
A: fully functioning persons
Q: According to Rogers fully functioning people are more?
A: less likely to societal demands
Q: Which of the following is characteristic of fully functioning person?
A: all of the above
Q: a father tells his son that he loves when is good and I don’t when he does something bad
A: conditional positive regard
Q: According to Maslow and adult is most likely to take care of what first
A: steady income
Q: after woman has more satisfy have satisfy all the needs of Maslow
A: the need to develop her full potential
Q: There are many common misconception of his needs of Maslow higher Archie? (not true)
A: that are lower needs need to be satisfy before our higher needs
Each of the following has been identify as a component of optimal experience expect one?
(C ) people around us recognize and respect our accomplishments
Q: when people experience flow according
A: at work
(8 components of flow )
1. Clarity of goals and immediate feedback
2. A high level of concentration on a limited field
3. Balance between skills and challenge
4. The feeling of control
5. Effortlessness
6. An altered perception of time
7. The melting together of action and consciousness
8. The autotelic quality of flow-experiences: IROI
which of the approach of the following the least research in psychology
humanistic psychology
based on research findings which of the following is the most is the first topic when someone meets for the first time
favorite movies
Q:a person at the doctors makes conversation tells stuff about personal life research about interaction
A: its unusual volutes rules of society
Compare to two people getting to know each other two good friends
Less likely to tell reciprocate about there partners intimacy
Which of the following is supported about researching findings about females? who discourses more ?
Studies of couples in long term relationships find
Self discourses in a marriage is a reliable marital satisfaction
Andrea has kept a secret about bad experience in child hood years about not telling writes in a diary based on research finds about her writings
may feel distress at 1st
Participles were asked to write something trivial or intimate experience they found upsetting they found ?
that were relieved about their anxiety they were more stress and better health