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Personal Values in the Work Place

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The ten values (both work and personal) that I have chosen are adventure, affection (love and caring), creativity, excitement, friendships, having a family, quality relationships, religion, status, and wealth. Adventure is a component of a valued way of life for me because I feel most alive when I’m taking risks. Bold and risky undertakings are fun. Taking chances and daring yourself to push your limits are good for the soul.

Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas to create meaningful new ideas! It’s important to me to feel inspired. In the work place, if you use your imagination, you could solve problems that were impossible to solve before. Having a family is a personal value that most people strive for. Families are supportive and will help me in my career. My elder relatives are wise and would advise me in any career move and my younger siblings could cheer for me on the sidelines.

Religion does not belong in the work place. However when I spend time in prayer I feel inner peace, which in turn effects my work overall. Religion is a form of mediation for me. Spiritual-mindedness in my personal lives helps me in the work place. Wealth is something from the workplace that will greatly effect my personal life. With a plentiful amount of wealth, my family can feel secure and will be able to focus on other things in life. I don’t want lack of money to prohibit anything in my life.

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Personal Values in the Work Place

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