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Personal Statement essay

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In the pursuit of reaching the target I have personally set, I have decided to take up an MBA program in International Business and Finance. As a graduate of B. S. Marketing and Electronic Commerce from the University of New Haven in Connecticut, I am motivated to explore more knowledge and enhance my skills in the particular field. Aside from my educational attainment, I was motivated to take up my MBA program in Old Dominion University. My choice of the school was driven by the school’s dedication in providing an international dimension of business and building relationship between foreign students and faculty members.

The idea of comprehensive and expanded program appears to be suitable for my interest, desire, and needs in surpassing my dreams. Furthermore, the school’s commitment in developing students from foreign institutions has empowered me to pursue m studies despite the challenges of diversity. I understand that MBA program in International Business and Finance demands a superior knowledge and exemplary experiences in related fields. However, I am confident that my educational and employment backgrounds are enough to meet the lofty requirements of the university.

Notably, during my undergraduate study, I earned As and Bs in my major courses. In addition, I had been an active student in several academic organizations which was also my path in improving my communication and leadership skills. Furthermore, in school, I have understood and applied various complex techniques with regard to the application of Finance and International Business. Through my education, I have been mentally and professional prepared to take a higher degree that is related to business and marketing.

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Personal Statement essay

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As to my experiences, I had been employed in the United Matbouli Group, the official Samsung Electronics distributor for Saudi Arabia, from December 2004 to May 2008. During my employment in the said company, I had been entrusted with duties and responsibilities which require a wider understanding and an exceptional understanding in the field of marketing and business. My hard works and determination has established my reputation as a diligent, responsible, sensitive and responsive team member among my fellow employees and the management.

Eventually, I had been assigned to a new project with an expanded responsibility. Such project involves determining and devising best and effective ways of introducing new products into the market and formulating details in dealing with customers, sub-dealers, media channels, and the community as a whole. My duty also includes stock control and stock distribution. Specifically, I am tasked to collect, collate, and evaluate data leading to the production of data that could predict and forecast sales.

Such would enable the purchasing department to order just enough merchandise on time, thus minimizing the consumed time while maximizing profits. Much to my delight and relief, the project succeeded resulting to higher sales and even making the company to dominate all over Saudi Arabia. My achievements, however, is not enough as to my assessment. In this era of globalization and technological innovations, many new strategies and developments are introduced in the field of business.

Aside from that, the standards keep on augmenting that requires continued and advanced learning. I also desire to enhance my academic and work experiences because of my desire to become competitive in the international level. Also, I have been looking for a graduate program that would provide me with deep and wide scope of theoretical and applied knowledge that would enable me to compete in a continuous evolving and dynamic field of corporate management.

This has also motivated me to learn English language, aside from Arabic, which is useful in global communication. Moreover, I find it challenging to work in a globally exposed field of business. At the same time, I realized that it would be more effective and rewarding to contribute my skills and knowledge in a broad and extensive environment. By virtue of these, I am adamant in pursuing my MBA in International Business and Finance as my very path in achieving and even surpassing my dreams.

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