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Personal and Imaginative Writing: The Big Splash!

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The soft wind whistled its melody in my ears, the sun shone brightly in my face as I skipped towards Bruce Castle Park with my sister Daniella, my brother Marcell and my Daddy. My sister was eleven, my brother was ten and I was seven, so I was the baby at the time. I was so excited to get into the park, I heard loads of screaming and shouting babies, toddlers and children, I saw a long queue at the ice-cream van. All I wanted to do was get into the park and join the fun. My sister, brother and I ran towards the park anticipating, leaving my dad strolling behind.

I pushed open the black shiny gate to get into the park and dragged my brother and sister with me. The first thing that caught my eyes was the large swimming pool. There were plenty of children splashing, screaming and shouting in there; they looked like they were really enjoying themselves. I wanted to go and join in. I ran towards the fun, feeling excited. I heard my dad calling, but I ignored her because I wanted to get in the pool, even thought I didn't have my swim suit. My dad called me and told me to go back over to him, I was angry because I was so close to joining in the fun.

As I walked towards my dad I kept on looking back at all the children enjoying themselves in the pool. When I got over to my dad he simply told me to take my sister to the pool with me because my brother and him were going to play football. My sister didn't want to play, so I agreed. Once again I made my way over to the pool, it looked so colourful because of all the different coloured swim suits. I told my sister how thrilled I was to go and play in the pool. She was also thrilled but explained to me that we could not get into the pool because we had no swim suits and no change of clothes.

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I was disappointed but concurred without any choice. We got to the pool and the atmosphere was great: loud, colourful and fun. All of the children were playing together. My sister and I looked at each other, grinned and hopped onto the inner pool edge, rolled up our trouser legs and began to walk around the inner edge of the pool. Other children told us to get in, but we couldn't, so we explained to them why, they were let down but accepted it. They were very nice and friendly children. Daniella and I wanted to dip out feet in so we had to be really careful and dip only put feet in.

The water was as cold as ice, and clear like crystals, it felt so good. Daniella and I carried on walking around the inner edge of the pool. We were getting wet because of the children splashing, but that was no worry, because the sun was blazing hot and our clothes would dry in no time. I had a feeling that someone would pull us in or we would fall in, so I was careful with my every step. My dad yelled to us to come over and have some snacks and juice, my sister and I rushed so we could get back to the pool as soon as possible. We hurried back over to the pool as our new friends waited.

Daniella and I carried on playing on the inner pool edge, but I began to get bored so I had a fantastic idea. I explained it to my new friends. The game was called bulldog. What you had do was my sister and I had to throw the ball and aim it at the people in the pool. Whoever it hit had to come on our team and help get the people in the pool out, leaving a winner. The game began and we were all enjoying it, Daniella and I were really skilled at getting people out. Round 1 of water bulldog had finished, so we decided to play Round 2. We had to be careful because the inner edge of the pool was socking wet.

I aimed the ball at one of my friends in the pool and got him out, so he had to come and join my sister and I. My friend in the pool threw the ball to me but it was a short throw, so I tried to stretch and catch the ball, I felt myself stumble so I grabbed onto Daniella and we both fell into the pool and made a big splash! My sister and I looked at each other and exploded with laughter, it was like a laughing fit, we could not stop laughing. The water was freezing cold, I could feel my goose pimples rising all over my body. I struggled to get out of the pool as my clothes were dripping wet and dragging me back down into the pool.

When I finally got out I helped my sister to get out as she was struggling too. We had to go and tell my dad what had happened, neither of us knew if he was going to shout or laugh, so we walked over in suspense. Daniella and I held each others hands tight as we left our footprints behind us. When we got to our dad and brother Marcell they were in stitches before we could tell our story. My sister and I were relieved. Dad asked us what happened so we both took it in turns to explain. They both kept teasing us after we had told them; it didn't bother us because we found it funny too.

The sun was still sizzling hot like sausages on the fire, so my sister and I decided to lay down on the bright green grass and try and get our clothes dry. We laid there for approximately thirty minutes but our clothes didn't seem to be drying quick enough, so we told our dad that we were bored and wanted to go home. , so we did. Because out clothes were still wet Daniella had to wear my dad's vest, and I had to wear his t-shirt on the way home. They looked like dresses because they were down to our ankles, but it looked cute. Once again the giggles began, what an excellent end to a great day out.

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