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Personal Develop Plan

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.0Introduction University is a time for personal exploration and growth, as well as gaining subject knowledge and skills. Entering a university is a very important in a person’s life, but at the same time it is an experience that will change your lifestyle and personality forever. The purpose of this essay is to show the goals of my personal development plan in the college. The goals include academic goal, personal goal and career goal. Through these goals I want to achieve my goals and improve myself. 2. 0Main body 2. 1Academic goal

First of all, the academic goal means this goal must be academic. This goal is aimed to improve some skill which is good for study. It is connected with students, make sure that can achievement. My academic goal is pass the subject assignment for my first semester. When I started my degree study, I am worry about that. I think I need to improve many skills in the first semester. So I planned three activities to achievement it. First activities is read more books about business skills, I can go to the library borrow some books about that.

Through this activities I can get more information then use to my assignment. A second activity is group study. I need to find partner group with me. Complete team work can help me grasp more skills, but I also need improve on my ability to work in a group. A last activity is solving some problems about assignment. Find to problems which are need our solving. I can use the Internet or books to solve it. I now feel relaxed. These activities help me to achieve my goal. In the future, I will keep on achieving my new goal, and try to find much more method to help me. 2. 2Personal goal

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Personal Develop Plan

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