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What makes a person attractive to others? Looks and personality – these are the usual attributes which defines an attractive person.Most people have either looks or personality but not many people have both.I have a childhood friend called Julian Lee.

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He Is very good looking and he has a heart of gold. He is quite a heartthrob. With raven black hair, long eyelashes, an aquiline nose and a strong Jailing, It Is hard not to be mesmerism by his good looks. As added bonuses, he has a towering frame and a gentle voice.

As the captain of the school basketball team, his skin spots a golden tan from the hours of tireless training under the sun. He exudes a boyish charm which makes not only girls fall for him but also a favored student among teachers. His looks aside, what makes Julian highly attractive is the fact that he has a superb personality. Julian is very kind and helpful. Whenever the teachers need help, he will be the first to render his assistance. When there are school events, he will also be the first to volunteer his services. There was a time when there were a few younger boys torturing a hapless cat.

They were tying its paws with rubber bands. Julian immediately went forward and stopped the boys. Frightened by his stern persona, the boys stopped what they were doing at once and ran away quickly. On another occasion, there was a group of students who were bullying another student. Even though the boys were older than Julian, he went up to them and chastise what they were doing. The boys threatened him to mind his own business and beat him up. However, Julian stood firm and replied calmly that he would report the matter to the teacher. The boys instantly backed away and left.

He even helped the student who was bullied to the sickbay. Julian is also an exemplary leader. He is the chairperson of the class. During class work, he will organist everybody into groups. He ensures that no one gets left out and everybody gets a fair share of work. Our class enjoys working with Julian and we always give our best under his leadership. Last year, our school organized a carnival to raise funds for charity. Each class had to set up a booth. Being ever systematic and resourceful, Julian assigned work according to our strengths.

He Is also someone who alas the talks – often doing more than his fair share of work. In the end, our Ice- cream booth raised the most money for charity. To me, this Is a fine example of an attractive person. An attractive person Is always humble and would never dream of relying on his looks, or anything short of hard faces) dirty and who treat others with kindness and respect are the beautiful ones. Some may be physically attractive, while some may not. But these are the people beauty does fade eventually but people who have been touched by our inner beauty will find it unforgettable.

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