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Perseverance: Harriet Tubman

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reedom, and in her quest for freeing others. I will also describe the obstacles she overcame, and who supported her in her cause of being free. Harriet Tubman was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. Her biggest accomplishment was her escape to freedom, and not only did she free herself, but also others. She was the most famous "conductor" of the Underground Railroad. Throughout a 10-year p, Tubman made more than 20 trips down to the South and led over 300 slaves from bondage to freedom.

Perhaps the most shocking fact about Tubman's journeys back and forth from the South was that she never lost a single passenger. This is the most shocking because there were more obstacles facing her then, that a murderer now! Her biggest fear then, was being caught. The only way she could persevere through this, is going on regardless. Regardless of what happened, regardless of what she or anybody else believed, she went on because she had the courage and will power to do it. Throughout her journey, she overcame many obstacles. Fear being the biggest one and her priorities the next.

As stated before, I believe that she overcame fear by going on, no matter how hard she tried, or how tired she grew, she kept going on. Her next obstacle in line was taking care of her followers. It has been stated that, there were many times, when her passengers wanted to turn around, give up. They were tired, they were hungry, and there was no way, that she could take care of them alone. I firmly believe that the Underground Railroad was a gift from God. I believe he saw that she struggled, he saw that she was tired, but he also so the cause of her going on and fighting.

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Perseverance: Harriet Tubman

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The Underground Railroad was her way through her obstacles. It was a safe haven for not only her, but her passengers too. She had the will power, and the faith to do it, but faith without work to me, is dead. The Underground Railroad also allowed her to meet various people. Being a slave in the South, you'd think that all Caucasian men were slave owners, but it surprised and inspired her, when she met Caucasian men in the North. She was surprised because these men were standing against and standing for what she hoped and believed in, freedom.

It was men like former President John Quincy Adams, William Lloyd Garrison, and Thomas Garrett. They took part in speaking against it, and abolishing it. Most abolitionists were Caucasian, but the ones who actually valued freedom most, were the ones who escaped. It was people like Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass who inspired her to go on, and fight against what was right. In her lifetime, Harriet Tubman showed perseverance by not only freeing herself, but also over 300 passengers. She overcame many obstacles, but with the help of her supporters in her cause of being free, she made it through.

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