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People have become overly dependent on technology Critical Analysis

The World Wide Web is a huge world that should be controlled.The Internet has many advantages and disadvantages.It is either to be a useful tool or to be a harmful weapon.

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The Internet had many effects and side effects in the social life, Safety and also purchasing or shopping. If it was controlled all those will be much better and life will be easier. However, if it was uncontrolled that will lead to huge problems. The peaceful tool will convert to be a harmful weapon. It won’t kill humans but I will kill nations and cultures. First, the Internet had developed the teaching methods and made the education uch easier and better.

The student can look up for any subject that he need in the internet and It will Just pop up to him. It is better than referring to books. Internet will take you seconds to find specific information, while books may take hours and day to look up on them. The student homework’s, assignments and projects also require him to use Internet. The students and kids are totally able to look up for anything in the Internet, so that can lead to one of two things. First, Either the kids will use that to improve their skills, knowledge and they will catch up with the technology.

Second, they will start to look up for pornographic media and it will be easy to obtain. It will destroy a lot of their parents work. They may addict online games as most of the kids in this time. This will cause them their social life. They wont be able to make friends or to contribute with anyone. They will not feel that they are wrong until they grew up and become adults. In that time they will notice that they have no friends or anyone around him. It will be very hard in that time to recover what he did. Not to mention that the kids who stay a lot in the Internet they got some issues.

They will have pain in their packs and in their hands. This pain will be noticed after they grew up. But they will feel that their eyes are becoming weaker with time. It is the main reason for why too many people are wearing glasses in these days. They should be censored in what they see, how long they set in front of their computers or laptops and how they set. Second, The Internet can be used by governments to ensure the safety. It is a tool that the governments can use to detect the strange cases and stop them right away. There were some cases those terrorist used emails to contact each other.

If their emails were controlled and under the government eyes they would probably save human lives. Governments should also watch the text massaging and instant massaging such “WhatsApp” or “skype” because it may used to plan for something. If governments work harder in the telecommunication security side, they would achieve many things that they are trying to do by other methods. They may detect a terrorist or also a murder evident, these things should not be ignored. Other wise we will watch a new type of terrorist that is more crazy than the previous ones.

Third, There are types ot thieves and terrorist. In these days the worse type ot it is the hacker. There are a lot of hackers in this time. Those hackers may do small things such hacking an email. They also may do huge things like trying to hack a financial websites and steal the money from it. There are a lot of people who shops in the Internet and they are all afraid from the hackers or the fake website. Since they Just fill in their credit card information. They will find out that they were stolen. There are many fake websites and hackers that use Internet to gain money.

The huge what hackers can do is trying to steal a bank. If government do not secure banks, people money will Just disappear. All the financial websites should be secured and controlled by the government so no body get stolen. Finally, The Internet can be a very useful tool to develop and to live a better life. However, this can never be unless that the Internet was secured and under the government eyes. I hope that people understand the meaning of the Internet and how harmful can it be. I also hope that people understand how a useful it is if it was used properly.

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