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The other peace settlements at the end of the 1st World War

To score two countries in a scale of 1 to 5 is not an easy thing.When you score something it mostly depends on which side you are.For example if you are a citizen of a defeated nation, you won’t agree with the treaty at all, because you don’t want your country to be smaller, you don’t want your country to loose power! But as you had no choice then to accept that cruel treaty, you’ll of course think it’s VERY UNFAIR! And if you are a citizen of a new created state or a state that gain benefits from the defeated nations, you’ll agree with the treaty, for example Czech citizen might be VERY happy of the treaties, because the Czechoslovakia were created.

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If there weren’t any treaty, there’ll be no Czech!

For me as a foreigner (China), I’m looking at an outside way. I don’t agree with the treaty! As your question asked, I can choose any two treaties of the four treaties, but it’s for nothing, because I think all four treaties are unfair! I’ll give 5 to all the treaties.

The treaty took many territories from the defeated nations and some territories were very important for the country, because they are the main industry resource. In the treaty of Neuilly, they even took Bulgaria’s power from the access to the Mediterranean. This point is VERY unfair! I think everybody might have access to the sea! Perhaps you’ll think I’m very idealist, but I really think our world might be MORE fair! People might have more rights, the life of people might be more equal! They want to weak them as much as they can, that the defeated nations won’t be able to attack them again. They are thinking only about their self. They are SO SELFISH!

In fact some points of the treaty actually helped to stop the conflict between states, for example the treaty of St Germain. In this treaty Austria was separated from Hungary and many territories of Austria were given away and created as new states, but actually before this treaty, the old Austrian Empire had already collapsed in 1918 and many new states had already been set up, so this treaty was only sorting out the conflict between states. This point of the treaty is really not bad, but then many millions in Eastern Europe were given self-determination and freedom to rule themselves. Most of its industry had gone to Czechoslovakia. Nobody cared about how does this country (Austria) feels, how they think about it. So after this treaty, Austria collapsed and also suffered severe economic problems.

All the defeated nations had to disarm and pay reparations. This is really very MEAN! The countries that made this treaty thought only about the benefits for them and to squeeze the defeated nations as hard as they can and also of course be sure they won’t be able to attack them again. They’ve never thought about what will happen if they’ll be the defeated nation, if they’ll have to accept this kind of treaty. I’m sure if they are the one of the defeated nations, they won’t agree with the treaty!

From all the points, which I’ve written down, I give every treaty 5 on the scale of fairness.

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