PE basketball referee signals, PE basketball terms

start the clock
start the clock
stop clock
stop clock
(this isn’t the exact picture… it looks exactly like this but WITHOUT the arrow)
stop clock for jump/field ball
stop clock for jump/field ball
stop clock for foul
stop clock for foul
stop clock for foul
stop clock for foul
directional signal
one arm facing straight forward with palm to the side
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designated spot
designated spot
visible counts
visible counts
beckoning substitutes
beckoning substitutes
arm is straight up and bends backwards
60 second time out
arms are in motion opening to a T shape and closing to a smaller t shape
30 second time out
arms are bent with hands touching shoulders
not closely guarded
arms are reaching straight out in a T shape
no score
arms are moving from crossed over each other to extended outwards in an X
goal counts
goal counts
points scored
arms extended out using 1 or 2 fingers to show number
3 point field goal attempt
arm extended to the right holding 3 fingers up
successful 3 point field goal
arms up in a U shape
bonus free throw
bonus free throw
for second throw, drop one arm – for 2 throws, use one arm with 2 fingers – for 3 throws, use one arms with 3 fingers
delayed lane violation
delayed lane violation
arms are rolling in front of chest
illegal dribble
illegal dribble
palming/ carrying the ball
palming/ carrying the ball
over and back
arms are pointed towards the ground while moving back and forth
3 second violation
3 second violation
open hand means you have the ability to run the end line
5 second violation
5 second violation
10 second violation
10 second violation
free throw or designated spot
free throw or designated spot
excessively swinging arms/elbows
excessively swinging arms/elbows
moving foot in a swinging motion
illegal use of hand
fist over the other hand’s wrist
hand check
hand check
hands on hips
arms extended straight in front of chest
this is a different name than the ones in the picture
team control foul
team control foul
intentional foul
intentional foul
double foul
double foul
technical foul
technical foul
when was basketball invented
YMCA college in Springfield
where was basketball invented
Dr. James Naismith
who invented basketball
peach baskets
what was used to play the first game of basketball
because of peach baskets
why was the game named basketball
what shape is the court
what should the court be free from
94 ft; 50 ft
what is the maximum length of the court? width of the court?
74 ft; 42 ft
what is the minimum length of the court? width of the court?
how many players does each team consist of
2 forwards, 2 guards, 1 center
what are the positions
give her own name and the name of the player she is replacing to the scorers
what does a substitute do to enter the game
when the official beckons her
when can a substitute enter the game
to replace a free thrower; if the free thrower is injured
when is a substitute not allowed to enter; what is the exception
back court
the half of the court which contains the opponent’s basket
illegal personal contact which impedes the progress of an opponent who does not have the ball
bonus free throw
a second free throw which is awarded for a common foul committed by a player of a team beginning within that team’s seventh personal foul, provided the first free throw for the foul was successful
a player is in control when he or she is holding a live ball or dribbling it
center jump
a means of putting the ball into play by tossing it up between two opponents in the center circle
ball movement caused by the player in control who bats, pushes, or taps the ball once to the floor or several times
extra period
the extension of playing time necessary to break a tie score
double foul
two opponents commit personal fouls against each other at the same time
field goal
a basket made from the court during the play and counts for two points
an infraction of the rules
common foul
a personal foul, which is neither flagrant or intentional not committed against a player trying for a field goal, nor part of a double foul
flagrant foul
an unsportsmanlike act and may be personal or technical of violent nature, or a technical non-contact foul, which displays vulgar or abusive conduct. it may or not be intentional
intentional foul
a personal foul or technical foul, which in the judgment of the official appears to be designed or premeditated. it is not based on the severity of the act
personal foul
a player foul which involves contact with an opponent while the ball is alive or after the ball as in possession of a player for a throw-in
player control foul
common foul committed by a player while she or a teammate is in control
technical foul
a foul by a non-player, or a player foul which does not involve contact with an opponent while the ball is dead, except as indicated in the last clause
free throw
an opportunity to score one point from a position behind the free throw line without being guarded
front court
the part of a court that contains a team’s own basket
held ball
opponents have hands so firmly on the ball that it cannot be contained without undue roughness
personal contact with an opponent that interferes with her freedom of movement
method of putting the ball into play
for a foul is the charging of an offender with a foul awarding one or more free throws or awarding the ball to the opponents for a free throw
the movement of a player with one foot in contact with the court
a legal position of a player who prevents or delays an opponent from reaching a certain position of the floor
contact of an opponent by using hands elbows or body
throw in
method of putting the ball in from out of bounds
time out
when a travel held ball or violation occurs the clock is stopped
moving a foot or feet in any direction in excess of prescribed limit while holding the ball
an infringement of the rules which has to do with continual play, such as holding the ball to long in-bounds, or out of bounds, stepping on or over the boundary line, walking with the ball, handling the ball illegally, or causing the ball to go out of bounds; the penalty is a throw in from out of bounds awarded to the opponents.
who long is the baseline?
how long is the bottom/top of the lane
what is the length of the lane?
18 inches (or 6ft)
how long is the basketball goal?
how far is it from the baseline to the top of the key?
what is the length of the sidelines
2ft radius
what is the measurement of the smaller circle in the middle of the court?
6ft radius
what is the measurement of the outer circle in the middle of the court?