parenting styles and social development

authoritarian family
parents attempt to control, shape, and evaluate the behavior and attitudes of children in accordance with a set code of conduct.
democratic family
children and adolescents participate in decisions affecting their lives
permissive liaissez faire families
children have the final say, parents less controlling, non punishing and accept attitude toward children
child abuse
mistreatment of children under age of 18 by adults entrusted with their care. includes phsyical and mental abuse, sexual abuse, or negligant treatment
The process of learning the rules of behavior of the culture within which an individual is born and will live
the process by which a child adopts the values and principles of the same-sex parent
the process of redirecting sexual impulses into learning tasks
eric erikson
theory of psychology development- the need for social approval is key
role taking
children’s play that involves assuming adult roles, thus enabling the child to experience different points of view