paper towns- main characters

What are Paper Towns?
Fictional entries in maps that mapmakers use to see if others are copying them
Who is Margo Roth Spiegelman?
The love of Quentin’s (the main character’s) life who goes missing and has Q go on a quest to find her, inciting the story. Margo loves mysteries. Margo is a “cool kid” who everyone listens to but who also feels that she doesn’t fit in.
Who is Quentin (Q) Jacobsen?
The main character of “Paper Towns,” a senior in high school who, along with his best friends, embarks on a mysterious adventure to find Margo that ends in a thrilling road trip.
Who is Ben Starling?
One of Quentin’s two closest friends, also a senior, who just really wants a date for prom. Ben is cruelly known as “Bloody Ben,” after an unfortunate incident involving kidneys and rumors, so it’s hard for him to find girls.
Who is Radar?
Quentin and Ben’s other best friend, dubbed ‘Radar’ for his similar looks to a T.V. show character called Radar.
Who is Jase Worthington?
Margo’s boyfriend until the first night in the story, when she dumps him after she finds out he’s been cheating with her supposed best friend. Jase is rich and lives in the nice part of town. He has a baseball scholarship to Florida State. A “cool kid.”
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Who is Chuck Parson?
One of the “cool kids” who once threw Quentin onto the conveyor belt for dirty dishes in their school cafeteria.
Who is Becca?
Margo’s ex-best friend, who lives a shallow life of jumping from guy to guy and slathering on make-up and getting drunk at wild parties in her senior year of high school. Part of the “cool kids.”
Who is Karin?
A more mild mannered “cool kid,” though that’s not saying much. A minor character in the book who is politely concerned when Margo goes missing but doesn’t get involved.
Who is Angela?
Radar’s girlfriend and prom date. She’s in the school orchestra and finds all of Radar’s oddities adorable, but otherwise is a minor character.
What is the SunTrust Building?
Tallest sky scraper in Quentin’s town/city. He and Margo go here one night and look out the windows from the highest floor together while spilling some of their deepest secrets to each other. Margo disappears the next day.
Who is Lacey Pembertone?
(noun) Margo’s friend since they were in kindergarten. Margo is mad at her before she goes missing, but Lacey eventually becomes Ben’s girlfriend and she goes with Ben, Radar, and Quentin to find Margo and helps them immensely.
What is SeaWorld?
(noun) Florida amusement park that focuses, of course, on the ocean. Quentin and Margo actually break into SeaWorld on the night before she leaves.
What is the Crown School of Dance?
(noun) Back when they were little kids and kind of family friends, Quentin and Margo went to ballroom dance lessons together here. Before they spend the night before she leaves together, this is the last time he remembers actually doing something together.
Who are Quentin’s parents?
Quentin’s parents are both therapists, which leads to a lot of deep questions about Margo’s disappearance.
What is Senior Prom?
At Quentin’s school, the cool kids rule prom. He doesn’t even want to go until Margo comes back into his life, but he misses it figuring out her final clue before her has to take the road trip to get to her.
What is Agloe?
A Paper Town that Margo visited on her journey north to Pennsylvania.
What is the Strip Mall?
Margo has many secrets at this abandoned place. She used to sneak there to plan her big run away, and before she left, she spent a couple nights here. Quentin finds a couple of clues at the strip mall.
What is Lefty?
In the middle of the night before Margo runs away, she and Quentin sneak into Chuck’s house and take off his right eye brow. When he shows up at school the next day, he has no eyebrows because her shaved off “lefty.”
Who is RAHPAW?
Ben’s car’s nickname, it’s license plate. RAHPAW seldom works, but Quentin and Ben have many memories in this car and often eat lunch there to talk privately.
How is New York City important to the story?
(noun) Quentin, Ben, Radar, and Lacey almost go to NYC in search of Margo, as multiple clues point towards her being there.
What is Jefferson Park?
The neighborhood where Margo and Quentin grew up next door to each other. There was a park there that they played in when they were little.
Who is Ruthie Spiegleman?
Margo’s little sister, who keeps a couple of secrets for Quentin as he secretly investigates Margo’s room and life in her house to find the first clue.
What is Omnictionary?
A website just like Wiki, where Radar is determined to rid all of the incorrect facts. During their search for Margo, a comment she left on the page of a paper town that Radar comes across leads the friends on their road trip.