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P1 web architecture and components ver2

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Web architecture: Web architecture is a way of designing and planning of websites that include different areas like WWW, ISP etc. Such web architectures are discussed below. Internet Service provider: Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the organizations which provide internet services to the people and other organizations. ISP provides different software packages which includes surname, password, and access to the phones and sometimes to the TV channels. For this service their customer pays certain amount to their package.

There are different organizations which provide internet service and have different features like different speed of connection to the internet. The speed of the internet connection affects the performance of the websites such as the download speed of a video clip. Web Hosting Service: Web hosting service is an internet hosting service which allows the individual and larger organizations to host their website. The website can be accessed and viewed using World Wide Web.

The client pays a certain amount of money monthly to their web hosting service and these hosts provide storage capacity and different management facilities and technical support and service. These host company charges the organization or the individual by looking the static of how many users use the website per month and other various features on the web. Domain Structure: Domain name is the address of the website in the World Wide Web called IP address. This can be accessed through the internet. Such addresses are difficult to remember and might not have meaning with regards to the web page.

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So the owner of the website has to purchase a domain name to link to the IP address so that their website can be accessed to the internet. The domain names are kept easier so that the user can understand and remember it. A easier example of a domain name is www. Google. Com" which also owns other domain name "www. Google. Co. UK". "WWW is the prefix and ". Com" is the suffix whereas the character between them is the domain name. Domain Name Registrars: Domain Name registrars are the organizations that have authority to the domain names.

They provide the domain name and manage the reservation of the internet domain names. The domain name registrars on the I-J are Goddard. Com and 123-erg. Co. UK. When they offer the domain name to the weapon owner, they also claim some amount of money. The registrars have a package of certain amount of certain amount of time. Thus, the longer the mount of the time, the higher the amount of money the weapon owner has to pay to their registrars. World Wide Web: World Wide Web (WWW) is a way of accessing the information stored on the internet.

It uses different types of computer languages like http to transmit information. WWW contains text, images, videos, audio and many other multimedia which can be viewed by using browser. Hardware: We can use different types of hardware which help provide internet service. Such hardware includes web server, mail server, proxy server, routers etc. Web Server: Web servers stores web pages and delivers those web pages to the user by using be language http to the web browser. Web server can both be hardware and software. Any individual can turn their computer to the web server by installing the server software.

Each server has limited capacity so the website which is hugely us all over the world has multiple web servers. Mail Server: Mail server is a computer server which consists of storage area where email for local users is stored. This server sends and receives emails. This type of server only controls the email traffic on the internet. Proxy Server: Proxy server is a server which shares the internet connection and other services. It is like a web browser which is in between the user and the web server. It can sometimes improve the performance for the users and filters the requests by the user.

It is mostly used on the business organizations and colleges. It is to prevent the students and the staffs' access from specific web sites during the official hour. Router: A router is a device that is connected to two or more networks. Router forwards the data packets along to the different networks. Once the packet is sent from the computer to the router it forwards to the different router till the packet is received by the final device. Router maintains the movement of the packet in the internet while transferring the packet between the user and the server.

Software: There are various types of software which links the computer to the internet and other networks. Browser is one of them which locates and displays the content on the World Wide Web. There are various kinds of browser such as Google chrome, Safari, Firebox, Internet Explorer used to surf the internet and web pages. These are the famous and leading browser in the world. Some browsers are preinstall on the new computers while the other browsers can be downloaded from the internet on ere of cost. Email is the other software which is used to receive and send the emails from the email server.

The user has their own activated account through which they can send various messages like text, video and pictures. Protocols: Transport and addressing egg TCP/IP Application layer HTTP, HTTPS, ESMTP Web Functionality Web 2. 0: Web 2. 0 is the second generation of the www. It is focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information online. It keeps static web pages that don't change. It has richer content/broadband. Went 2. 0 refers to the transition from tactic HTML web pages to more dynamic web that is more organized and is based on serving web application to the users.

Dynamic website contains web pages that are generated dynamically. Each time the user access to the web page, the HTML is generated in real time and is sent to the user's browser. For example: Amazon is a dynamic website. When the user gets access to it, the page displays the types of products which might make interest the user by analyzing the users' purchase history. The site generates the weapon differently to the different users. Blobs: Blob is a personal web page on which the user records and posts their thoughts and pinions, their research and hypothesis principal etc. N a regular basis. The other users can reply to their comments. The blobs are used to share information on the internet. Nowadays the user can use more features and function as compared to the start days of the blob. The blobs are kept up to date so that the information shared is accurate and reliable. Online Application: Online application has changed in recent years. Microsoft office used for home and office purpose now is being used as an online version of word office 365. People can access to the online version and use the word.

It is cheaper than to buy the whole software package and easy to access via internet. When there is no internet connection the online version cannot be used. Additionally, online versions don't have many features than the Microsoft Home office. Other examples include games hosting online accessing via internet (online games) and emails. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is an internet based computing in which different service like servers and storage and application are transferred to an organizations' computer system via internet. It has an ability to run an application on many connected at the same time.

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