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Remember proper referencing for anything taken from a source of any kind (book or Internet, CD, DVD, anything). Dazzle me with your knowledge. QUESTION 1 Read the short cases below, choose two of the three cases provided, then answer the questions that follow for each case. Ethics case study 1 "You've recently left a Job as an account supervisor at a public relations agency that specializes in social media and technology clients to go to work in the public relations division of a leading smart phone manufacturer.

You learned of the career opportunity a few months after the agency you worked for had failed to win the smart phone company as a client. You were a member of the team that developed and pitched the business and happen to have the agency's entire presentation on a arsenal flash drive. Your new boss asks you to propose strategies and tactics to support the launch of a ground-breaking application. The fastest and easiest thing for you to do is to copy relevant portions of your previous employer's proposal, including key messages for targeted markets, and present It to your new boss.

What do you do? " (Cited from APRS Ethics and Standards Case Study Series) Ethics case study 2 has asked you to write a speech for the Chairman of the Board that will be delivered at an International Air Transport Association gathering in Geneva, Switzerland. Your lenient hopes to use the speech as a springboard to open discussion about the subsidiaries many airlines receive from governments in the countries where these carriers are based. Your client's position is that this creates unfair competition and lowers the subsidized airlines' standards of service, safety and security.

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Your deadline is immediate and you have the worst writer's block you've ever had in your life. Through some random electronic searches, you find the perfect speech on Youth. It was delivered by a member of Panamas National Assembly who opposed the government's generous subsidiaries of the country's state-owned airline and was ousted with subtitles. You are ready to copy it and present it to your client because it is exactly what you have been directed to write. But you're uncomfortable because you know the speech will not be your own work.

The deadline is immediate. What do you do? (Cited from APRS Ethics and Standards Case Study Series) Ethics case study 3 One of the biggest success stories in the technology sector has hired the large international public relations agency you work for to represent its interests in a fierce battle to retain market dominance. Your agency was hired because of its mistreated success in marketing communication and issues management for other technology companies. You were not involved in signing the business, but are excited to be on the account team.

You learn that the issue is a larger, better established and even more successful technology company that is developing products to compete head-to-head with your new client. With your expertise in multiplication media, your task is to secure news reports and blobs about how poorly the competitor's products perform and the possible problems that they create because of incompatibility with the most common operating systems. The only basis o have to support allegations that the competitor's products don't work is a few negative online reviews and print media reports.

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