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When writing a short observe, pen and paper are nevertheless maximum herbals to use. The five pen technology with virtual pen and paper makes it possible to get a digital reproduction of handwritten facts and have it ship to virtual devices through BluetoothP-ISM (Pen Style Personal Networking Gadget) that is nothing but the new discovery that’s developed by means of the Nec Co-operation in 2003 .

It’s far truly a new invention in the computer and it is related to communique area. Honestly, this may have a remarkable effect on the pc discipline. In this tool, you will locate Bluetooth as the main interconnecting tool between extraordinary peripherals.


Laptop impacts our lives in a far larger manner then most of us may have an idea. It has grown to be a compulsory requirement in most professions with a view to use pc software.

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Modern computer systems which can be primarily based on integrated circuits are small enough to fit into mobile gadgets, however, imagine having a computer a good way to suit into a pen.Imagine a global wherein everybody can use modern IT without being a professional.

P-ISM is a system gadget including five functions: it includes a CPU for processing, it also used as a conversation pen, it carries a very small projector within it, and also it has a digital camera scanner and a battery with it. P-ISMs are linked to each other via short-range Wi-Fi generation. The P-ISM (Pen-fashion personal Networking machine bundle) is best a prototype underneath growing level by NEC employer.

In 2003, Geneva held the ITU telecom phrase exhibition which exhibited a conceptual $30,000 prototype of a P-ISM designed by means of the Tokyo-based totally NEC employer.A PC that uses an electronic pen (called a stylus) as opposed to a console for input. Pen PCs for the most part require unique working frameworks that help penmanship acknowledgment with the goal that clients can compose on the screen or on a tablet as opposed to writing on a console.

Most pen PCs are hand-held gadgets, which are too little for a full-estimate console.WORKING PROCESSThe P-ISM (Pen-style personal Networking system gadget) consists of a gadget of five pens that everyone has unique capabilities, Figure 1: Working of P-ISM? CPU penCPU capability is dead by mistreatment the pen itself. “P-ISM” is additionally referred to as computing engine Processors used within the pen is that the twin-core processor and it’s miles labored on the premise of home windows OS.?

Communication penP-ISM uses Wireless Bluetooth technology for the communication and transfers the information to a different system. P-ISM additionally also will create a connection to with any cellular device and also it can use the Wi-Fi technology. ? Virtual keyboardP-ism provides associate degree integral virtual optical maser keyboard that may be a new widget.

The operating of the P-ISM is that it emits the optical maser beams on the table surface that forms a keyboard On this specific keyboard, this can be done by a 3D IR sensing element technology with optical maser technology to induce a full-size keyboard. ? Led ProjectorThe pen contains an Led projector within it. So it can project an led monitor with the size of A4 and the resolution of the screen is approximately of 1024*768.

The monitor projected by the P-ISM gave more clarity for the projection and a gave a good picture to the viewer.? Digital CameraWe had a photographic camera within the form of a pen. It is helpful in video, Videoconferencing; merely it’s known as a net cam. It’s additionally connected to different devices through Bluetooth. The key advantage it’s little that is well transportable. It’s a 360- Degree communication Device. We’ve seen video phones many times in movies.

Advantages of P-ISM

  1. What makes the P-ISM totally different from all of the prevailing elements is that its form likes pens. Pens are quite common objects that we supply around on everyday basis; by carrying simply four pens you’ll produce a laptop. So, its transportable and may be carried simply.
  2. As the pen is a smaller amount visible and it’s easier to require it out with you, the scale and weight are plenty less and it will probably priceless because it can use less material.
  3. P-ISM adopts Bluetooth technology for information transfer that may be a wireless technology.

Disadvantages of P-ISM

  1. The P-ISM is formed from five loose pens which are able to move around with any amendment within the movement of the area. in an exceedingly train journey, there’s tons of movement which is able to shake the pens around and shake the projection of the keyboard and screen. So, this can’t be as stable and economical as a portable computer.
  2. Also, these pens area unit terribly little and fragile so that they are broken simply whereas handling them or carrying them around. One pen itself prices quite a striated muscle thus you can’t risk damaging or losing them.


The specialized gadgets are getting to be noticeably littler and conservative. This is just a case of the beginning of this new innovation. We can expect all the more such advancements later on; it appears that data terminals are boundlessly getting littler P-ISM.

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