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Outline the reasons for the growth in global tourism over the last several decades

Tourism was never a major part of everyday life in a HIC. In 1955 there were approximately 36,000 visitors to Kenya in Africa and it generated i??1. 6 million.

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However only a decade later (2005) there was about 1. 2 million visitors and that generated about i??800 million. What are the reasons for this startling development? and what are the impacts on the environment and the local indigenous tribes or cities? Now a days there are more forms of tourism.

These are: Ecotourism (a sustainable form of tourism that has respect for the environment and the local cultures), Adventure tourism (trekking, cycling, climbing etc) and cultural tourism (visits to historical sites, interesting cities and different cultures). In 1841, a mass excursion (expedition/trip) from Loughborough to Leicester was organised by Tomas Cooke. This was a huge success and after this Tomas Cooke went on to developed trips to more distance destinations.

Also railways and sea link were opened up. Also 30 years after starting his excursions he started his first round the world trip (video 183 development of tourism sheet). From that point on holidays were the ‘must have for the people of Britain. ‘ Most of the rich people spent their holidays in Blackpool. In the early 1900’s it became the resort for the ‘common people’. One of the main reasons for this was because there were ‘works week’ which was a week of full pay for a holiday in Blackpool.

There are a lot of reasons for the growth of tourism over the decades these are: there are more holidays on offer so people can go on holiday for anything up to 4 weeks long. Also because there are more long haul flights to exotic destinations it is quite cheap to travel to other countries (e. g. a flight to Cape Town (South Africa) is i??350). Also the other reasons for the growth in global tourism are: people can retire early with pension and go on longer holidays. Also there are a lot more people with less children due to working so people can go on great adventure holidays without worrying about their children.

There are also people with a greater affluence (people are generally wealthier than in the past, and there is more money to spend on luxury items such as holidays and leisure pursuits (new key geography for GCSE p. 231), there is also a lot more mobility and accessibility (the increase of car ownership and improvements in the roads, rail and air travel. These reduce travel time and make it a lot easier). Also there are more package holidays (cheaper holidays are possible with block bookings and deals where travel, accommodation and meals are all included in the price).

And finally there are tonnes and tonnes of advertising for various luxury holidays. These include brochures and holiday programmes; these promote new and different places and activities. People are now more aware of holiday opportunities available to them. As you can see there are a lot of reasons for the recent growth of tourism and there will be plenty more in the near future. B. For a named example, discuss the social, economic and environmental impacts of mass tourism growth

Kenya is one of the most visited countries by tourists in the whole of Africa; in 1991 there were over 800,000 tourists that visited Kenya. This also brought approximately i??4 billion. However, even though mass tourism can have its benefits it can have a lot of impacts on the population, the environment and the economy of the country as well. There are a lot of environmental impacts in Kenya due to tourism. Most of these impacts are very serious and are damaging the local environment and ruining the habitats for the wildlife.

For example, on the coastline the boats that takes various tourists out to see the wildlife or go diving. However, the boats then anchor to the coral reef; this causes the corral to die and ruins the habitat for the fish. Also the beaches are overcrowded and are littered and the cars that people can drive around causes pollution. This can be a problem because if sulphur dioxide is released into the atmosphere then acid rain can be caused. Eroding the rocks and the corral reefs around the coastline. Thus destroying the local environment ran