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Organizational Development: Discussion Questions

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Week Five Discussion Questions Deep-level abilities are closely related to job performance. As a manager, how could you use the knowledge that people differ to increase the likelihood an employee will perform his or her job well? What challenges does this pose when managing a diverse workforce? * As a supervisor it is my job to make a peaceful and productive atmosphere. I have many different types of employees that differ from age, knowledge, race and gender.

Not all of my employees get along with each other but they each hold their own abilities and skills. I fit the abilities together where they are needed and match the best I can as if their personalities are like Legos. It is a constant tug of war as it never fits exactly. * Employees often see change as threatening. What are some of the sources of resistance to change, and what can you as a manager do to overcome that resistance? * There are numerous reasons why employees resist change. 1.

Loss of Job is thought of, Bad communication occurs normally (You may not get the entire story / Rumors occur); fear of the unknown; Lack of Competence; and poor timing. What role does diversity play in managing change? What are some possible strategies for managing diversity? What influence does diversity training have on organizations? * Diversity is a range of different things or a variety. I would believe that diversity and change would walk hand & hand. You can manage diversity through the hiring process and repeated education.

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Organizational Development: Discussion Questions

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Socratic Seminar Questions

The influence in education is a positive and will convey the message if only the education is enforced during normal business. Does the type of change being planned affect the strategy for managing the change? Explain and provide an example. * Change should always have a well-planned strategy before implementing. You should also monitor the situation so you can help employees adapt. If you walk into the office and just throw out changes without having proper answers

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