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Essay about Organizational Behavior

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The world’s current state questions the model of socio-economic and of its historical foundations calls for an investigation. How the organizations affect the social broader issues and how the political and social spheres changes affects the organizations actions are needed to be understand critically. In both the organizations and society the management is becoming increasingly central as a source of authority and as a way to solve the problems.

The Society and Organizations research center addresses both the organizational issues that society faces and the society related issues that organization face. Where the ties between individuals are formed, woven and dissolved is what society is understood as. A locus of conflict and exchange is what the social space is. Economics (profit), moral and political (values, norms, rules) or institutional (fairness, professions, rationalities) are the primary purposes of the organized collective actors of the organizations.

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Essay about Organizational Behavior

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The ways in which the organization and society can affect each other is that of the roles of the firms in the reshaping of the social ties, the changes in the norms of the governance, the national and regional lobbying practices, bonus regulations, in response to sustainable development themes the mutation of firm identity, the source so of the social actors legitimacy, ambivalence and strategic choice, professions and vocations marketization, the crisis of the public and the state management etc .

Society in my view has a greater impact on the organizations as for a successful corporation a healthy society is required. To a productive workforce education, health care and equal opportunities are very essential. By safe products and working environments the consumers are attracted and also the internal costs of the accidents are lowered. A business is made more productive when there is an efficient use of water, land, energy and the other natural resources. For efficiency and innovation of a business good government, the rule of law and the property rights are essential.

Both the consumers and competitive companies are protected from exploitation due to strong regulatory standards. So any business is in the end pursues at the expense of the society finds its success to be illusionary and temporary ultimately (Porter, 2006). #2. Globalization is about the process through which the societies, regional economies and the cultures come together and integrate through a global network of trade, transportation and trade. It influences many parts of an organization and one of it is the rituals and symbols of an organization.

Different countries have different cultures and their own rituals so in order to come up in line with the competition the company or organization has to adapt to those certain rituals and symbols of the organization. Some countries did successfully adapt to the cultures world wide whereas some failed. In some countries like Canada and Australia there were high profits earned through the incentive system of Lincoln whereas some countries like Germany and Japan didn’t achieve such profits.

The organizational leaders today face great challenges in understanding the organizational culture. A leader’s success also depends greatly on how well he understands organizational culture. Many leaders when implement new strategies leading to some vision they discover that their strategies fail if they with the organization’s culture are inconsistent. The organizational transformation difficulties arise when there is a failure in understanding the existing culture of an organization.

Transformation of a culture means a change in the attitude, practices, goals, values of an organization or group so if an organization changes its culture then I don’t believe that they would remain the same in principle as well because when a new culture and practices are being adapted their principles and rules change as well. So with a change of culture the principles are not to be the same anymore until and unless the previous and present cultures are not that different. References Porter M. E. (2006). Strategy and Society. HBS. Available from www. exed. hbs. edu

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