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Organization Change Verizon Wireless Company

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Verizon Wireless entered the US marketplace 9 years ago and has managed to become a leader in the wireless communications industry. Having merged several companies, each with their own distinct corporate “cultures,” Verizon has worked diligently to standardize all policies and procedures as well as technical processes across departments as well as the country. Verizon recently released a new Mission Statement. With this Mission Statement a new set of “Core Values” was also introduced.

The “Core Values” of: “Customers First – being the Biggest and the Best” “Quality and Innovation “Shareholder Value” “Respect for Employees” “Integrity” and “Personal and Team Commitment” are what will tie Verizon’s strategic business plan of a “One Source” and the Mission Statement together. Although the change to “One Source” is just being rolled out across the country, it is actually the final phase of major change initiative that has pned several years.

The “merging of over 2,800+ M&P’s (Methods and Procedures) and over 3,000 policies – reducing the verbiage, improving and redesigning the format and content, will yield high results. The cost involved for these changes are all nominal since all of the documents are prepared and distributed by the in-house Operations and IT Department, but the results could save hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of time for employees. Verizon communications Inc. is one of the largest American broadband and telecommunication Company that is a component of the DOW 30 companies in the United States. Read about FHP wireless

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Organization Change Verizon Wireless Company

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Verizon founded in 1983 when Bell Atlantic acquired GTE which was by then a large independent local exchange telephone company . Its name originates from veritas and horizon. The company’s headquarters is in New York and it offers services such as; broadband internet services, local wire line, wireless telecommunication services, television services etc. As of 2007, the company has a total revenue of $93. 22and more than 230,000 employees in throughout the world (Verizon’s press release, 2007).

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