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Operations Management

The process type McDonald’s uses is batch process because there are moderate volume and moderate variety in their products and services. McDonald’s products are semi-standardized as they are stocked pre cooked. When a customer makes an order, the product is then prepared.

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This shows high flexibility, for example, a customer orders a special order of McCracken without lettuce, the order will be processed within minutes. There is also high volume of production as McDonald’s serves thousands of customers dally. Inning a batch process means that the speed of delivery Is dependent upon the speed and experience of the Individual worker. This process supports the business of McDonald’s as they will be able to process the different types orders to cater to the different needs of customers, In the shortest time possible. To achieve that, moderate skill level of workers is required. The advantages of batch process are that it allows workers to specialist in specific lobscouse and use the specialist equipment, different batches of different production an be made.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages of batch process. Firstly, specialization means that the workers are doing repetitive jobs, which can result to boredom. Secondly, the machinery needs to be reset and cleaned in between batches. This can be time consuming which in turns slows down the production. Also, when the hamburgers are produced by batches, they would keep them for as long as possible and eventually discard them if they were not sold. This will increase the cost for McDonald’s.