Old Yeller Study Guide Questions Ch1-4

What time of year does the story takeplace?
Late 1860’s
What major historical event has just taken place?
The Civil War
The Point of View for Old Yeller is what?
First Person
Which character is telling the story?
Characteristics of Mama Coates
brave, loving mom, hard worker, reasonable and frontier settler
Characteristics of Papa Coates
tall, black mustache, handsome, working man, provider, risk taker, strict
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Characteristics of Travis Coates
14 years old, hardworker, responsible, mature, smart
Characteristics of Arliss Coates
5 years old, wild, care free, whining, mischevious
Who is Bell?
Travis’ 1st dog who died of a snake bite
Who is Jumper?
The Coates’ mule
List 2 reasons why they call the dog Old Yeller
because his short hair was a dingy yellow color and because the sound he let out when he opened his mouth was more like a yell than a bark
Why does Papa have to leave home?
To sell the cattle in Abilene for “cash money”
What are some of Travis’ responsibilities when Papa is gone?
take care of Mama and Little Arliss; cows to milk, wood to cut, young pigs to mark and fresh meat to shoot and take care of the corn patch
What does Travis want Papa to bring him when he returns?
a man’s horse to ride
Describe the dog that came to live with the Coates?
big, ugly, slick-haired and yellow. A short ear, a bobbed tail and was thin
Why does Mama let Arliss keep the dog?
because it is a stray and needs a home
What are the Salt Licks?
A group of dark rocks with black streaks on them. The streaks hold salt that animals lick.
What makes Travis feel “…bigger and more important…?
he shot a doe on the run to provide food for his family
What are the two reasons Travis hung the venison in the dog run?
It was the handiest place and he was looking for a way to tempt the dog for a good excuse to get rid of him
What are the differences between the two bulls?
Chongo is leggy, mustard colored with black freckles and speckling on his jaws and belly; Roan is red, not as tall and long-legged but is heavy and powerful, shorter horns
From where did the Coates watch the fight?
From the rail fence
How did Travis escape the danger?
Mama had his hand and drug him out from under the bull
What does Old Yeller do when Travis yells at him to go get the bulls? Why does he do this?
He runs away; he thought Travis had come to kill him with the bull whip