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Your essay will Include at least three examples (quotations) from the play to support your thesis. Please follow PAP format guidelines: typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8. 5″ x 1 1 with 1″ margins on all sides. Please use Times New Roman font. All essays will be uploaded on turning. Com. Any essay not uploaded on this site will not be graded. Paper copies of your essay will be due on Monday, March 19.

This essay will be worth 50 points. I know you all will do well. Get to writing scholars! Option #1 – Fate Many of the characters In Sophocles’ plays seem to have a desire to break free from the control of the fate the gods have determined for them. Based on what you have read in Antigens, what is Sophocles trying to teach his audience about a humans ability to control his/her fate? In doing so, analyze how the characters behave as a result of knowing what their destinies will be.

What are the effects of discovering their destinies? Option #2 – Conscience vs.. Society Characters In the play must choose between following what society says is the right hint to do and following what they believe In their hearts to be the right thing to do. Often, choosing to follow the conscience Is the more difficult road to walk. In Antigens, Identify the difficult choices the characters make and analyze the effects that these choices have on the characters’ lives.

Option #3 – Tragic Hero Aristotle identifies the tragic hero as a character who falls from a lofty position because of a tragic flaw (hamster)–normally that flaw is pride (hubris). Identify the tragic hero in Antigens. Analyze the scenes in which the character displays pride and identify the effects that this pride has on the character’s life. How could his/her life have been different If he/she had behaved In a less prideful manner?

Introduction 110 Should include a hook, connector (including author and title), and thesis statement Body 10 Should answer the prompt directly and completely with organized paragraphs Evidence 10 Specific quotes and paraphrases of events should be used as support to answer the prompt Conclusion 110 Restates what was proved and provides a final thought Follows Directions 15 Correct font, font size, etc. Grammar/Mechanics/Spelling 15 Total 50